10 best DIY Chicken Feeder And Waterer Plans And Ideas

If you are interested in raising backyard chickens, you are definitely going to need feeders and waterer plans. Chickens love to plunder all the time, so it is a good move to change their feeders and plant in creative and feasible waters. I am not compelling you to spend lots of money on buying feeders or waterers all the time; rather, you can make the most of homemade chicken feeder and waterer. Simply take out some time, play with the stuff that is lying in the garage, or buy a few essentials and add beauty to your coop and the backyard.

This excerpt deals with ideas of different types of chicken feeders and waterer, that you can can make out of simplest materials that cost just a few dollars. These plans can help you feed even a smaller flock, or large flocks too – you can simply adjust it according to your needs.

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1. Wooden feeder:

Looking for a simple and cost effective diy chicken feeder? Here you can make the simplest one with wood – you need excellent assembling and wood cutting skills. You can use plywood as it is resistant to fungus and other bacteria. In order to get more details about assembling, accurate cuttings, go through the given link:

2. PVC multi-opening feeder:

A basic feeders looks like an “L” shape which has a hole cut out at the bottom length of the feeder. The feeding material is poured in from the upper hole. You will need:

  • Adjustable elbow
  • Elbow pipes
  • Vent cap
  • Ceiling cap
  • Tools

This kind of design would help you save the costs incurred on wasted feed.

3. The best 2 systems:

For constructing a complete diy chicken waterer and feeder, you must choose this plan. You can get two beautiful, convenient and effective style funnels which can be made useful. By working on them and assembling in the right way, you can pour feed into the one, while pouring water inside the other end. The entire thing can be made from PVC, so it is not at all costly.

4. Simplest PVC feeder:

With the help of elbows (90 degree) and PVC pipes, you can get the simplest yet effective feeder for your coop.  It is a kind of “T” shape system, which can be used for both feeding and watering the chickens. The two ends of the system can be used either for feed, water,or for both.

5. Bucket feeder and waterer:

If you are at all in the mood to spend more than 10 to 15 dollars, this is the best idea you can come up with. All you need is a bucket, which has a lid, screws and oil pan.

Similarly, for the waterer you can use a bucket with lid – drill in holes at the opposite sides, at a little level from the bottom, and insert it in upward down position in a pan. Therefore, now you do not have to think how to make a chicken waterer.

6. Container to a waterer:

This type of diy chicken waterer is simply the best to have in the coop if you have angry birds all around. An upward side down container in the pan filled with water helps in making the best waterer. However, you need to drill in holes, at the side so that it can work under the gravity principle.

7. Glass waterer:

Take a water jar and clean it up twice or thrice, so that nothing is left inside. Make sure you make a hole in the bottom, and flat the edges. Now take a plastic plan or even a glass dish and keep the water filled jar on it. Here is the simplest and cost effective kind of automatic diy chicken waterer.

8. PVC waterer:

If you have a PVC bucket lying in your junkyard, or discarded one recently, do not throw it. It can be used for making a perfect poultry waterer. You may need to invest in a pan, which would be the direct source of drinking water for the chickens. The process is simple – take the pan, mark the holes in the bucket and place it upside down on the pan.

9. Nipple sucker waterer:

Take a bucket, drill holes in the base – insert the nipple suckers in the bucket, and fill it with water – you can hang it anywhere you want, or simply place upside down in the coop. Your chickens would suck the nipples each time they want to have some water.

10. “L” shape PVC feeder:

This kind of feeder can be attached to the coop easily. PVC made feeder has two ends – open-ended side is exposed to chicken while the other end is closed, and the feed is added from there.

by: Katherine Anne

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