10 Unique and Fun Cubby House Ideas for Your Garden

Do you have young kids who love to play outside? If so, you may be looking for a fun and unique way to give them a place to play. A cubby house can be the perfect solution! Not only are they fun for kids, but they can also provide a bit of extra privacy and security.

So, if you’re looking for ideas on making your cubby house stand out, read on. We’ve collected 10 of the best ideas out there. So, whether you’re looking for a traditional cubby house Australia or something a little more unique, there’s sure to be an option here.

10 Unique and Fun Cubby House Ideas for Your Garden

10 Ideas for Building the Perfect Cubby House for Your Garden

When it comes to cubby houses, the sky really is the limit. There are so many different ways that you can design and build one. Whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden cubby or something a little more unique, there are plenty of options. Here are ten of the best cubby house Australia ideas that we’ve come across:

1. Use Recycled Materials

If you’re looking for a way to save money and be more eco-friendly, consider using recycled materials to build your cubby house. It could include old pallets, pieces of wood from an old fence, or even recycled tires.

2. Build a Treehouse Cubby

Consider turning it into a cubby house if you have a large tree in your yard! It is an excellent selection if you’re short on space, as it won’t take up any extra room in your yard. Also, kids will love the idea of having their treehouse to play in.

3. Make It a Multi-level Cubby

If you want to go all out, consider building a multi-level cubby house. It will give your kids plenty of space to play, making the cubby house feel like a small home. Moreover, it will be a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

4. Use Bright and Bold Colors

Cubby houses are the perfect opportunity to get creative with color. Use bright and bold paint colors to make your cubby house stand out. The color scheme can be as wild and wacky as you want, so have fun!

5. Add Some Fun Features

To make your cubby house even more unique, consider adding some fun features. This could include a slide, a swing, or a climbing wall. Then, it’s up to you! Just make sure that whatever features you add are safe for kids to use.

6. Give It a Theme

Cubby houses can be themed to match your child’s interests. For example, if they love pirates, consider designing a pirate-themed cubby. If they’re into princesses, you could build a castle cubby. The theme can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

7. Keep It Simple

If you’re not looking for anything too fancy, you can always keep it simple. For example, a basic cubby house made out of wood can be just as much fun for kids. You can even add your own personal touches, like a flower box or a flag.

8. Get Creative With the Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of a cubby house. Get creative and design a roof that’s unique and fun. Try to use bright colors and interesting shapes.

9. Add Some Furniture

To make your cubby house feel like a real home, consider adding some furniture. It could include a table and chairs, a bed, or a toy box. You might even want to add a rug or some curtains. It will make the cubby house feel like a cozy little retreat.

10. Make It Personalized

Add your child’s name to the cubby house, or paint a mural on the walls. It will make it feel like their very own special place. Additionally, it will help to keep other kids out!

Why Garden Cubby Houses are So Popular in Australia

Cubby houses are a popular addition to many Australian gardens for several reasons. First, you can find cubby houses made out of all sorts of materials, from wood to plastic. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even find prefabricated ones. Second, cubby houses provide a safe and fun place for kids to play. They can also be used as storage sheds, garden offices, or even guest hou

So, there you have ten unique cubby house ideas for your garden. Which one will you choose? Whether you go for something simple or over-the-top, your kids will love their new cubby house. Just make sure to have fun with it!

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