Are Thornless Blackberries Invasive? The Real Answers Revealed!

Blackberries are delicious fruits that you can easily grow in your backyard, as long as you choose the right species and follow the proper technique! BUT, you have to be wary with how far they can grow, as certain blackberry species are invasive and may grow like weed.

That’s why people have wondered, “are thornless blackberries invasive?” This is because gardeners try to choose a non-invasive blackberry species to prevent the plant from spreading like weed!

So read on as I show you all about invasive plants and if thornless blackberries may cause madness in the garden.

are thornless blackberries invasive

What Is an Invasive Plant?

Before we get into thornless blackberries, what does an invasive plant mean anyway?

Invasive species refer to plants that are either non-native or alien to its ecosystem, and/or plants whose introduction may cause environmental or economic harm to the human health.

How can they cause harm? They may compete directly with other native species for resources and space and can decrease plant diversity and more.

However, invasive plants are successful since they can produce large quantities of seed and can thrive even on disturbed soil.

Are Thornless Blackberries Invasive?

Thornless blackberries are perennial plants that have biennial growth and fruiting habits. They would grow in spreading shrub habits, classes as erect or semi-trailing. These thornless blackberry plants would produce fruit and green foliage and are grown outdoors anywhere around the US.

They are low-maintenance in general. But one problem people have wondered about is if these blackberries are invasive and send shoots all over the area.

Some gardeners have said that they are one of the most invasive plants as they grow very fast and are considered as a “weed.” Unless you have the time to maintain a huge shrub, then you can consider planting these blackberries.

Specifically, the cutleaf blackberry and Himalaya blackberry are considered the most destructive. However, they have thorns. When you think of thornless species, they are less invasive and less likely to irritate gardeners from its intense growth and spread.

With that in mind, there are other varieties of blackberries, as well as gardening techniques, you can try to maintain its growth. You can try controlling invasive thornless blackberries by cutting down its canes until it’s just above the ground, then dig up or dispose of the rhizomes, or sport read the cane tips with herbicide.

Make sure that you prune your blackberries as well, and avoid planting it too close to other landscape beds, which can ruin your surrounding plants.

Do you want to know more about thornless blackberries and handling its invasiveness? Check out this helpful video on pruning them for better care:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to caring for blackberries, you have to be wary. They can grow a LOT, to the point they become destructive! But by choosing the right blackberry species and taking preventative measures, you can still grow them successfully.

I hope that this article answered your question, “are thornless blackberries invasive?” Now that you know the answer, learn more about caring for blackberries now!

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