Can Florist Azaleas Be Planted Outside?

The Florist’s Azaleas are usually offered as gift plants, particularly during the winter season. They can bloom abundantly every year, with each blooming season lasting weeks to months. While they are a particularly demanding plant (not for novice gardeners), they are extremely beautiful and can brighten rooms.

However, one question many have wondered about is, ‘Can florist azaleas be planted outside? Again, this is a demanding plant with specific needs, so you have to be careful about where to place it. So read on to find out!

can florist azaleas be planted outside

Can Florist Azaleas Be Planted Outside?

Florist azaleas aren’t as winter hardy compared to other plant varieties under the azalea varieties, you know, the ones you would usually see come springtime. While these gift plants are bred because of their beautiful blooms, they aren’t grown for their outdoor hardiness.

With that said, it’s possible for them to be placed and planted outside, only come spring to the summer season and when in pots for easy movement. When the colder fall weather to winter arrives, then they will need to brought indoors to prevent them from dying or being damaged from drafts and frost. When done correctly, they will be able to bloom in pots come springtime.

You might be contemplating keeping them indoors most, if not all, the time at this point. However, it’s recommended to keep them outside when the weather permits. If the temperature would go below 0 degrees Celsius, then it’s time to bring it in, as the temperatures that initiate flower bud formation are between 4 to 13 degrees C.

Again, when summer and hotter weather come, move the plant outdoors and to a shady area. If you are unable to transfer your florist’s azaleas after planting them outdoors, you can protect them from the weather with the appropriate covers. This will prevent winter scald, foliar damage, frozen roots, and even death or other fatal diseases.

Why plant them outdoors though, when there are gardeners who usually plant them indoors?

This is helpful not only because this is a subtropical plant that requires a bright and cool location with a bit of direct sun and humidity! It’s also because the rainwater it collects from spring to summer will help them grow well, which is better than using tap water, which is hard and rich in calcium (which the plant doesn’t tolerate).

When kept indoors all year round, it’s possible for them to hold in weak light, enough for them to grow and bloom. BUT, they need much more, thriving in bright light throughout the day, which includes a couple of hours of direct sunlight, particularly the cool morning sun.

Planting Azalea Outdoors

If you choose to do so, caring for florist azaleas becomes easier once planted outdoors, provided you do it correctly. Make sure that you select a bright location away from direct sunlight and that you use peat moss to the soil, as this increases the organic content while raising the acidity levels azaleas prefer.

Transfer the plant to the amended soil, allowing it to spread its roots around. Fill the plant’s surroundings with more soil mixture, firmly tamping without compacting. Afterward, generously water it to let the plant settle, then monitor its growth, matching it with proper care and maintenance.

And you’re done! Caring for these plants isn’t as difficult as people say, though requiring more of it. But as long as you meet its cultural requirements, then they can bloom on its own.

Wrapping It Up

While florist azaleas can be a bit fussy, they are fairly easy to care for provided you give them all the nutrients and requirements you need. As for planting them outdoors, this is possible and recommended for them to receive all the light they need for the flowers to bloom. Just make sure that you transfer it indoors come winter or place a cover on the plant to protect it from the frost.

Good luck and happy gardening! You’ll definitely enjoy the beauty of these flowering plants, especially after the hard work you put into it.

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