Do Male Cucumber Flowers Produce Fruit? Why You May (Or May Not) Need Male Flowers

Cucumber plants, like many vegetable plants, grow flowers. What’s interesting is that they grow both male and female flowers, which are required for pollination and fertilization or bear fruit. However, some varieties only require female flowers to bear fruit, and while a bit pricier, it can save in maintenance.

It has gardeners wondering, “do male cucumber flowers produce fruit, too?” Read on to find out if your male cucumber flowers can produce fruit alone!

do male cucumber flowers produce fruit
Male flower of cucumber.

Do Male Cucumber Flowers Produce Fruit?

Short answer: NO, male cucumbers do NOT produce fruit.

But they do play an important factor in helping female flowers produce fruit, depending on the cucumber variety you’re planting. The male flowers create pollen, which is necessary, though this alone does not produce fruits. Like humans, female flowers are the ones that produce fruit with its ovules, after fertilization of pollen.

Male flowers grow and bloom before female flowers, which is probably why you haven’t seen any fruit developing yet. Once female flowers bloom, pollen from the male flowers will be transferred to the female flowers. This is done by insects, particularly bees, via pollination.

After pollination and transferring of pollen to female flowers, the pollen and ovules will then go through fertilization, which is when fruits start to grow. If pollination is poor, or drought stress occurs, misshapen or sparse cucumbers are produced, which is why male flowers and a proper amount of quality pollen play a role in.

While male flowers do require picking if they grow excessively (it happens!), you should still have a balance of male and female flowers in your cucumber plant for it to grow well and produce enough fruit.

Do you want to learn more about the process of growing cucumbers and getting fruit from its flowers? Check out this insightful video:

Male vs Female Cucumber Flowers

How will you know if you have male or female flowers blooming? Knowing this will help you with hand pollination if required to do so. Here are some major differences to take note:

  • Male flowers would outnumber female flowers in many cucumber plant varieties, opening around ten days before female flowers do. For every one female flower, there would be 10-20 male flowers!
  • Look at the bright yellow flowers growing on your plant, looking behind the flower for a small and immature cucumber that grows behind it. These are female flowers, which have an immature bloom called the ovary. Male flowers don’t have this, rather having a thin-looking stem.
  • Check the stem length as well, with male flowers growing on shorter stems, growing in clusters of 3-5 flowers. Female flowers would grow on longer stems growing on one stem rather than in clusters.
Yellow female flower of cucumber
Yellow female flower of cucumber.

It may take time to tell the difference, but once you do, it gets easier maintaining your cucumber plant and pollinating it if insects are unable to.

Wrapping It Up

When you learn more about flowering plants and bees, it can answer a lot of questions as to why you may have a lot of flowers but very little fruits. While cucumber plants have a lot of male flowers blooming, this doesn’t mean it can bear fruit. You will need to make sure that you have enough female flowers as well, and that they are pollinated well.

I hope that this article answers your question, “do male cucumber flowers produce fruit?” Now that you know the answer, make sure you grow your cucumber flowers correctly and learn more about pollination for a more successful harvest!

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  1. Now I have established which of my cucumber plants is female and male. Do I therefore leave all the flowers on my male plant, and not remove them.? As they don’t produce fruit.

    • Hi, Umney!

      There is no need to pick the male flowers unless they have grown excessively large. These flowers are still required for pollination for healthy cucumber crop.

      Also, my apologies, I’ll send the articles in a few hours.


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