Easiest Trees to Grow as a Beginner

Growing trees does not have to be a hard task that causes stress over whether the tree will grow healthy or grow at all. It can be an activity that is enjoyable and stress-free. It can be surprising to learn that it can also be much more cost-effective.

Let’s take a look at how you can achieve exactly that. It will show you some trees that are easy to plant, do not require special conditions, are low maintenance and that will quickly yield the results you are after, whether it is fruit, shade among others.

Easiest Trees to Grow as a Beginner

Strawberry tree

This is one of the easiest fruit trees to plant. This tree doesn’t require massive space as it can easily be planted in that pot behind the kitchen or the window box by the bedroom. In addition to this, this plant does not require a lot to grow and produce a good yield. The only things required are well-drained soil and full exposure to the sun, which should not be hard to do.

You could even go ahead and do a bit more by removing strawberry runners just to enhance that fruit growth. Another added advantage is they can be placed anywhere; hanging baskets, window boxes, small gardens, etc. That is all required to grow some tasty strawberries by your kitchen window. With little effort, good soil, and sun, you can enjoy luscious strawberries all year long.

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Red oak

This is also another tree that requires minimal care since it is rarely attacked by pests and diseases and because of that, one gets to save on pesticides. The red oak is also drought-resistant, and this means it can survive harsh conditions and does not require a lot of water. It doesn’t require a lot of water for growth helps conserve water which is usually not the case for many other trees. Conserving water is usually a big factor considered by gardeners and this tree fits the criteria.

Red oaks may take a bit more time to reach maturity but are definitely worth the wait; they grow strong and last up to decades, even centuries. In addition to all these, they also come with beautiful aesthetics, especially in the fall when they turn a deep shade of crimson. This will automatically improve the general look of the landscape the tree is planted in.

Princess tree

The princess tree, also commonly known as Paulownia tomentosa, is one of the fastest-growing trees known. If you are looking for quick results or a quick shade for those hot summer days, this is the tree to go for. It grows as far as 25 feet in four years, which is a lot considering the little time. Moreover, it can adapt to different climatic conditions and soil types which means it doesn’t require much care.

The princess tree is also advantageous because it is rarely attacked by pests and diseases. When the tree blooms, it produces enormous bell-shaped lilac flowers that make the tree such a sight to behold. This is yet another tree that improves your home aesthetic and landscape with beautiful flowers.

Honeyberry tree

Here is another fruit tree that requires little effort to grow and still yields delicious juicy fruits. It is very easy to plant and take care of this tree. The honeyberry fruit is almost similar to blueberries, only elongated. They are a tough plant which means they can withstand anything and thus do not need extra special care. Like strawberries, this fruit tree can be grown anywhere, from containers to hanging baskets, make-shift gardens, and even pots.

All these fruits need is proper exposure to the sun, good airflow, and soil with enough water. For the plant to get good airflow, the container the seeds are planted in should have proper holes created all around it and should be placed above the ground. It is also advised to grow the fruits in pairs to improve pollination.


Apple trees are very simple to grow, not only because they require little to sustain them but also because they grow very quickly. It just takes one season before you enjoy the tasty apple from the tree you planted in the backyard during the summer. Once one has planted the seeds in soil that is well-drained and positioned in full exposure to the sun, most of the work is done.

All that is left is to prune them every once in a while, to accelerate their growth and now sit back and wait to harvest some juicy apples. Apples are also not limited to growing in the ground. There are species of apples known as dwarf apples that can similarly be grown in containers and still produce equally good apples. The fun fact is that this tree produces three different types of apples!


Growing trees may seem challenging and time-consuming, but on closer observation, it really is not. All the plants mentioned above require very little attention, just some good soil, sun, water, and some little effort like occasional pruning. This makes them ideal trees for any beginner who has little knowledge about trees. They do not require special tools either, which makes them very cost-effective. With enough practice and just a bit of patience, you can be enjoying fruit bowls from their garden.

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