Easy Plants to Grow Indoors From Seeds

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned gardener, you’re probably planning to grow indoor plants from seed. However, it does get a bit difficult starting plants from seeds, which is why you want to have stress-free experiences to prevent slipping up or spending too much time on maintenance. Not to worry, as there are a lot of easy plants to grow indoors from seeds!

This article will tackle what kinds of plants you can grow from seed, whether you’re looking for flowering or vegetable plants.

easy plants to grow indoors from seeds

Easy Plants to Grow Indoors From Seeds

It’s a bit tough getting the hang of growing seeds, especially for beginners who haven’t tried this method before. But when you start by growing with easier indoor plants, then you have more chances of success and can work your way up until you can grow seeds from other varieties. Here are some of the easy plants to grow indoors from seeds:

1. Cat Grass

cat grass dactylis glomerata

Cat grass has a lot of names, such as cock’s foot or orchard grass, having the scientific name Dactylis Glomerata. It’s mainly called cat grass because felines can eat it without worry, and it can even induce a mood boost for them!

2. Living Stone

Living Stone

Living Stones are called such because of their stone-like appearance. You can find these plants growing in various parts of the world like southern Africa, and they can be grown at home, too. It’s a popular indoor plant as it comes with a lot of colors, textures, and shapes.

3. Cactus


We’re all familiar with cactus, coming from the Cactaceae family. Under this family is 1,750 species, with a few hundred of them being able to thrive indoors.

When planting cactus, plant them in soil with compost, which can be anything loamy or cacti compost that has gritty and moist textures.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a favorite among many gardeners because of the beautiful white flowers. They are great for beginners since they are easy to maintain and grow quickly.

5. African Violet

African Violet

For those who love flowers, then besides the Peace Lily, you can grow the African Violet, too. It comes from the Gesneriaceae family, which has between 6-20 species, so you’ll have a lot of fun growing the different varieties. While they are from Tanzania, this plant is versatile and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

6. English Ivy

English Ivy

The English Ivy is also called the Common Ivy and the Hedera Helix. It’s known for its quick growth, making it a perfect addition for beginner gardeners who want to see the fruit of their labor fast.

That said, you will need to be involved a bit more during the growth process, but again, it’s all easy and quick!

7. Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus Fern, also known as the Sprenger’s Asparagus, Humble Asparagus Fern, or the foxtail fern, is NOT asparagus or a fern! It comes from South Africa and is known for how people can decorate their gardens with it.

8. Marigold


Marigolds are very easy seeds you can grow indoors. They can also attract pollinators and deter pests from your garden. Consider starting the seeds 8-10 weeks before the average planting date in spring.

9. Coleus


The coleus plant is popular because it dons vividly colored leaves, having colors like green, pink, or purple. To maintain those colors, keep them away from direct sunlight! Furthermore, you can find that there are a lot of awesome coleus species you can grow indoors from seed.

The seeds are also tiny and can be washed away from your garden, taking a long time to mature from their seeds. Be sure to plant them 8-10 weeks before you can transplant them outside.

Of course, there are other seeds you can grow indoors from seed as well. If you want fast-growing plants, you can try vegetables like radishes, beans, and peas, with you being able to expect growth as quickly as 6-8 days!

Check out this informative video on what else you can plant from seeds and how you can do so:

Wrapping It Up

Planting from seeds doesn’t need to be so hard as a beginner, as long as you start with easier plants first. Doing so can help you grow more plants to harvest fruit from and enjoy its decorative effects. Furthermore, they will help you hone your confidence as a gardener, encouraging you, even more, to plant more as you improve.

I hope that you found insight on these easy plants to grow indoors from seeds. By starting with any of these plants, you can learn a lot as a beginner and soon grow more plants successfully. Happy gardening!

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