6 Steps How to Bypass Primer Bulb on Weedeater? (Solved)

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater, we are here to answer your question. In this article we will describe what a weed eater is, what a bulb primer is, and what it is for, we will try to describe how to bypass a primer bulb on a weedeater in a simple 6 steps.

Lean back and enjoy this informative article. In the end, we will answer a couple of frequently asked questions. We hope that we will help you solve your problem and that you will still learn something new.

What is Weedeater?

The first weedeater originated in Japan in 1960, while it appeared in the U.S. around 1970. Today, a string trimmer that has many names, such as weed eater, weed whip, strimmer, brush cutter, etc., is a garden tool used for mowing grass.

This self-supporting tool instead of a blade has swirling strings that cut through grass and weeds. There are different designs such as petrol trimmers or electric ones. They have found the greatest application on steep and difficult-to-access terrains due to their ability to adapt to the terrain itself.

As we mentioned, weedeater cuts grass and weeds on the principle of turning the lines protruding from the reel at the bottom of the machine. These lines are usually made of plasticized steel wire for easier handling. Depending on the terrain, we have several types of these wires.

how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater

The wire is manually wound on the spool before starting work, leaving both ends of the line protruding from the spool. As the reel spins, the wires cut the grass at their rotation speed. The height and shape of the cut depend on the person using the machine and can be adjusted. The installed wire wears out with each use, so it needs to be replaced when it is used up.

In addition to the head or rotating part that is most important and responsible for weeding, other parts are:

  • The engine can be electric, petrol, battery.
  • The straps with which we carry the trimmer on our shoulders
  • The handle with which we direct the machine
  • The lever with which we add speed to the machine itself
  • Primer bulb or engine start button

What is Weedeater Primer Bulb?

If you’ve looked at the weedeater in detail so far, you may have noticed a small button that is usually located next to the carburetor. This button, called the bulb primer, is responsible for starting the machine itself. It is often called the air bulb because it pumps fuel into the carburetor.

A weedeater primer bulb is a button made of rubber that needs to be pressed to start the machine itself. For example, the bulb passes fuel to the carburetor and thus begins the operation of the device.

6 Steps How to Bypass Primer Bulb

After a little more detailed introduction to the weedeater, it’s time to move on to the actual work. Primer bulbs are usually made of rubber or plastic and can be damaged over time. There are original replacement parts such as bulbs that are easily replaced with old ones. The problem may arise that we cannot replace the original position quickly, and we need our weedeater.

This is how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater. In the next six steps, we will explain how to solve this problem. Before you start, you need to have a screwdriver, plastic bags, and cotton cloth. Yes, you heard right, just these three.

1. Remove the Screws

When you look at your weedeater, you notice that they have two screws next to the primer bulb. It is necessary to unscrew these two screws with a suitable screwdriver. Different weedeater models have different screw shapes, so it depends on whether you use a flat or cross-tipped screwdriver. When you unscrew the screws, be sure to put them in a safe place, so you don’t lose them.

2. Pull Away Air Bulb and Metal Plate

The next step is to remove the metal protection that we previously unscrewed and remove the air bulb. If it gets stuck, we can help with a screwdriver to get these parts out of our weedeater.

3. Clean The Air Bulb Seat

When you took out the bulb primer, you must have noticed a lot of dust dirt in the place where it was. If they get to the carburetor, these impurities can cause a big problem for the whole machine. It is best to clean the place where the bulb was immediate. The easiest way to do this is with a clean cotton cloth.

4. Put the Polythene in Place

This step may sound strange, but you will see that it works. You need to put the polythene bag in the place where the air bulb was.

It is necessary to push the fingers from the outside finely into the hole, and a polythene ball will be formed, which will have the same role as the original primer bulb.

5. Screw The Metal Plate Back On

After installing the polythene plastic bag in the old air bulb, we need to put the metal protection back in place. We will tighten those two screws again, carefully drawing them fine.

6. Press The Polythene Ball Few Times

Once you turn on the protection, you will see that the gas is filled into a polythene bag, and that is what we wanted all along. You need to press a new button a couple of times to refuel the carburetor. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work the first time. We need to press a few times more. All that remains is to restart the machine and start working.


Q: Why won’t my primer bulb fill with gas?

A: When the bulb example does not work, the problem may be in the correctness of the bulb itself or in the lines that supply fuel to the bulb. You need to review your weedeater in detail and find out precisely what the problem is. In either case, if a burst has occurred, you can simply replace that part of the machine.

Q: How do you fix a primer bulb?

A: Primer bulb can be replaced easily if you buy a spare part. If you cannot, you can improvise with a polythene plastic bag. You need to remove the metal protection and the bulb primer, clean the place, install a new one, and turn the safety on again.

Q: Can a primer bulb be repaired?

A: Yes, an example bulb can be fixed by replacing an existing one with a new one or repairing the current one. Since this is a cheap and small part, we recommend that you easily and quickly replace the bulb primer with a new one. This will extend the life of the machine and safely reuse it.


In this article, we have tried to present the main features of the weedeater, its parts, mode of operation, and the like. We tried to explain to you in 6 simple steps how to replace a bulb primer with a new one or improvise with a polythene plastic bag. We have also answered the most frequently asked questions, which we hope will help you.

After reading our article, how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater, we hope you fix your weedeater soon and enjoy maintaining your garden again.

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