How to Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home

This article is aimed to help you get rid of rodents in your house and keep them away. You will learn to identify the signs of rats and other rodents’ infestation in your house and get familiar with different methods on how to get rid of rodents at home.

We will also guide you on how to keep rats out of your place and when to seek help from a professional rodent control specialist to get rid of rodents in your home.

How to Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home

Signs of Rodents in your House

There are various signs indicating that there may be a rat infestation in your home. As you may not see an actual rat since they are quite intelligent and nocturnal, you’ll want to look for any evidence that they exist.

Here are the most common tell-tale signs. If you discover any of the following, you will want to take action immediately to get rid of rodents that could be ruining your property.

1) Droppings

Since rats and other rodents are prone to do their exploring at night, you’re more likely to come across their droppings the next day. Rats can produce up to 40 droppings that average around 14-mm long per night. They can be found near entry points or along baseboards. You may discover droppings near a food source as well.

2) Scratching noises

If you hear scratching noises from somewhere in walls, crawl spaces, or in the attic, it can be a sign of a rat infestation in your house. If you hear the noise repeatedly it’s time to call a pest control company.

3) Footprints

Rats may leave foot and tail marks on dusty surfaces. A good method to see if there is an active infestation is to sprinkle some flour on the floor of the suspected area. If the next day you see some fresh tracks on the flour, you will know for sure that you have rodents in your house.

4) Holes

Some types of rats dig and create holes for shelter and food storage. Such rat burrows are usually built next to solid objects or structures. If you come across something that looks like a rodent hole in or around your house, call a rodent control service.

5) Nests

Rats used cardboard, loft insulation, and other soft materials to build their nests. Rat nests can be found in attics, lofts, or cavity walls. Regularly check these areas to make sure that no unwanted pests have set up camp.

6) Odor

Rat urine has a strong scent of ammonia. If you smell an unpleasant odor somewhere in your house, it can indicate that you have had a rat infestation for a while. There’s also the odor that comes from rats that perish when they get trapped in walls and other places they’re not able to escape from.

7) Damage

If you see damaged electrical cables, gnaw marks, shredded paper, or damaged storage containers, these all are common signs of rodent activity in your home. Pay special attention to electrical cables integrity as rats can cause a serious fire hazard.

8) Strange pet behavior

If you see your dogs or cats scratching or sniffing at areas under appliances or near your walls refusing to leave, it can be a sign of having rats at home. Pay close attention to those areas, and check for other evidence of the presence of rats.

How Do You Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home?

In the event that you see signs of rodent infestation in your home, you’ll want to know the best way to get rid of them.

Since rats and rodents are attracted to food and a place to stay warm and dry, you’ll want to make your home as least hospitable to rats as possible.

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