How To Keep Leaves From Blowing Out From The Mower Deck

A green and neat lawn in front of the house is always the dream of many gardeners. Therefore, regular lawn trimming is a necessity. How to keep leaves from blowing out from the mower deck? It is probably the most common question regarding lawn mowing today.

I am sure you will feel extremely annoyed and angry when grass and leaves are flying everywhere and not being collected in the lawn mower bag. It may be related to some technical or usage problems with your lawn mower.

To solve this situation, let’s take a closer look at common errors to limit this situation.

How To Keep Leaves From Blowing Out From Mower Deck

Normally, the mechanism of the lawn mower is to remove the blades of grass and leaves, which are then collected in the lawn mower bag. However, the condition of grass and leaves flying everywhere during your mowing is a serious problem.

You will feel extremely uncomfortable having to manually clear the grass after mowing. It will take you a lot of time to clear a lawn, even dust and leaves will fly everywhere in your house.

The fact that the grass is not collected in the lawn mower bag may be related to some technical problems or your usage. Let’s learn some simple ways to deal with this situation.

how to keep leaves from blowing out from mower deck

Reduce Engine Speed

The first simple way that you can prevent grass and leaves from flying everywhere is to slow down the engine. If you mow the lawn too quickly, the speed of the wind will cause the grass and leaves to fly all over the place and not be collected in the lawn mower bag.

You should slow down the engine speed by squeezing the lever in a conventional lawn mower or by gently pushing the steering wheel when using a Toro lawn mower.

In addition, you can also add a belt pulley to slow down the wheel speed accordingly. It will help maintain a constant momentum during mowing, so the grass will be collected in the grass bag easily.

Remove The Pads

Manufacturers typically put 3-5 pads on the horizontal blades of conventional lawn mowers. Each pad will make ¼ inch in space. To prevent grass from flying off the deck of your lawn mower, you can remove one or two spacers from the lawn mower.

It will help the lawn mower move more easily on the grass surface and maintain a stable height during mowing. So grass and leaves will accumulate and fall onto the deck of the lawn mower.

Remove Excess Blades

The average lawn mower will have between 3 and 7 cutting blades. If you use these blades in their entirety in a lawn mower, they will create a huge amount of wind. So they will blow away the grass and leaves as they are cut off the ground.

If you regularly mow your lawn and the height of the grass is average, you should only use 3 to 4 lawn mower blades. This number of blades is enough to cut grass at an average speed and the right amount of wind to push excess grass into the lawn mower’s bag instead of blowing it out.

Choice Of Curved Or Cup-Shaped Lawn Mower

As you know, decks containing excess grass and leaves are usually located under the lawn mower. Because of this, it cannot hold large amounts of excess grass and debris inside.

Instead of using a lawn mower with a deck located under the lawn mower, you should choose a lawn mower with a curved or cup shape. These types of lawn mowers have more depth so they can prevent the grass from falling or being blown out.

Why Are Grass And Leaves Blown Out?

The super-speed motor and the unadjusted blade height are the causes of leaves and grass blown out while you mow. In addition, you also need to check the grass collection bag to make sure it is not caught by grass and leaves that shrink the area.

When the storage area is narrow, the grass collection bag will cause grass and leaves to fall out during the process of mowing. Some of the causes of grass and leaves blowing out can be related to technical problems. So you can explore some of the causes below.

Incorrect Gator Blade Installation

As you know, most lawnmowers have extremely sharp high blades. These blades can cut precisely and maintain speed to push grass and leaves into the deck of the mower.

However, the short gator blades and opposite wide teeth cannot cause grass and leaves to fall onto the deck of the mower. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the blade to choose the right type of blade for your lawn mower.

Too Many Lawn Mower Blades

Lawn mowers with large capacities will be equipped with many blades of different sizes from 3 to 7 blades. However, for household lawns, they do not need to use too many lawn mowers.

Normally, a household lawn mower only needs 2 horizontal cutting blades and a high blade is enough. If the number of blades is too much, the wind they generate is immense so it will blow all the grass and crumbs off the deck of the lawn mower.

Insufficient Throttle

The throttle in the lawn mower is responsible for controlling the speed of the blade. It ensures and maintains the blade speed suitable for the user’s purpose. In addition, the throttle valve also has a role in starting and controlling the power of the engine.

However, the blades will automatically rotate suddenly when they want enough gas. So the grass and debris will be blown outside.

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The Final Ending

Lawn mowers can blow grass and debris to the outside due to many reasons such as technical errors, too many lawn mower blades, or sudden operation of the blades in the throttle.

To prevent the grass and force from blowing out, you need to limit the speed of the engine, remove the gasket or use 3-4 blades instead of 3 to 7 blades because it will create a strong wind caused by too many blades working at the same time.

In addition, you should choose lawn mowers with curved or cup-shaped housings. Because the design of the storage deck will accommodate and prevent the shedding of grass and debris. If your lawn mower has a deck underneath, you should regularly clean and remove grass and debris to avoid jams.

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