How To Naturally Deter Possums From Your Garden

Possums can be terrifying animals that can damage your garden. Though possums are like any other type of wildlife when it comes to harming your garden, the last thing you want to do is let all your hard work and effort growing your gorgeous garden go to waste just for a pesky possum to destroy it!

However, just because you don’t want possums around your garden doesn’t mean you have to resort to extreme measures like harming the possum to save your garden. There are a variety of natural ways to deter possums from your garden. This protects both your garden, while still ensuring the safety of the possum.

In the article, you’ll learn the top ways how to naturally deter possums from your garden. From using the power of smell to keep possums away, to using certain noises and other tactics to scare them away, here’s everything you need to know to protect your garden naturally.

Natural, Homemade Possum Repellents 

Using the power of the senses can be a great way to deter possums from your garden. Two effective ways to prevent possums from infiltrating your garden are by using a quassia chips solution or a molasses solution.

Quassia Chips To Deter Possums From Garden

Quassia is a type of South American tree that can be bought in the form of bark chips at your local gardening center.

To make your at-home possum deterrent with quassia chips, heat 4 ounces in a half-gallon of water on low heat for about an hour. Afterward, strain the heated solution into a squirt bottle that you then spray on the leaves of your garden plants.

Molasses To Deter Possums From Garden

Another homemade possum repellent you can make is by using molasses. Take a cup of molasses mixed with a liter of water and add a squirt of dish soap to the solution.

Then, you have a solution that you can spray on your garden plant leaves that will deter possums from destroying your precious plants.

Use Smells That Possums Hate To Keep Them Away

You can use the power of smell as a natural deterrent to keep possums away from your garden. There are several scents possums hate. 

Below are three smells possums hate that will help deter them from your garden.

Possums Hate The Smell Of Garlic

Possums hate the strong, prominent odor that is associated with garlic. The strong garlic scent scares possums away. Therefore, using the smell of garlic is a great natural way to protect your garden from possums.

To do so, consider planting garlic cloves in your garden. Not only will this be a great addition to your garden, but will help in trying to keep possums away.

Another more effective approach is using garlic oil or making a garlic spray (mixing bits of garlic in water to make the solution) to then spray around your garden.

Possums Hate The Smell Of Onion

Another smell possums hate is the strong smell of onion. Onions are notorious for burning senses, and with a possum this holds true. Therefore, consider using slices of onion and putting them throughout and around your garden to deter possums.

Possums Hate The Smell Of Hot Peppers Or Hot Sauce

Possums also hate anything hot, including hot peppers or hot sauce. This is because, like onions, hot foods burn the senses. This is because things like hot peppers or hot sauce contain capsaicin which bothers the sinus system and the smell thus keeping them away.

As a result, consider carefully using hot peppers or hot sauce to keep possums away from your garden. You can do so by making a spray solution by mixing the hot sauce, dish soap, and water and then spraying the solution onto your plants and throughout your garden for added protection.

Scare The Possum Away From Your Garden

Another natural way to deter possums from destroying your garden is by using “scare tactics” to keep these pests away. Here are the top two ways to scare these critters away to protect your garden.

Use A Motion Detector Sprinkler Or Light System

Though a bit of an investment, consider getting a motion detector sprinkler or motion detector light system to deter possums from getting into your garden.

The sprinkler or lights, when on and in use, will instantly scare the possum away if near your garden.

Sprinkle Pet Hair Around Your Garden

Possums are afraid of predators’ hair. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to use your beloved dog or cat’s excess fur and put it to good use.

Since possums are afraid of predator hair (including pet hair), you can easily collect your pet’s hair, whether it be from their brush or tufts you find, and scatter the hair around and in your garden.

Learn What Attracts Possums Around Your House To Limit Them

Inevitably, a major thing that attracts possums is food. This is because, like humans and any other living species, possums need to eat to survive. 

Therefore, leaving any kind of food or leftover odor of food around your house can easily put your home and garden as a target for possums.

Avoid Leaving Overflowing Garbage Out

One way to avoid attracting possums around your home is to avoid leaving overflowing garbage out. This will only make the odor of food that much stronger for these animals, which will make the possums want to be around your home, to find where the odor is coming from.

Limit Any And All Food Scraps Of Any Kind Around Outside Of House

If you eat outside on your porch or accidentally leave food outside for whatever reason, try to limit this. This is because, again, any odor of food will only attract possums to your home. And, when the possums smell these human food smells, they’ll explore your home and surrounding yard, including your garden!

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