Sunflower Petals Falling Off? Best Things You Can Do

Do you worry about your sunflower petals falling off?

This can be very concerning to anyone since the last thing you want is to see your beautiful sunflower shedding its petals constantly.

But there are many reasons why this may happen. For the most part, it sheds its petals once it has reached maturity. Then, the seeds can ripen, which then allows you to plant them later on.

However, there are other instances that may occur, which cause the petals to fall off. Keep reading to learn more.

Sunflower Petals Falling Off – Why It Happens

sunflower petals falling off

There are a number of reasons why a sunflower’s petals fall off. Here are just some of the things that may be causing it.

1. Part Of The Life Cycle

The most common reason behind the shedding of the petals is the life cycle it naturally follows. You see, your sunflower follows a natural growth process. The blooms don’t last long, and in about 20 days, they will soon begin to fall off.

After the flowers have bloomed, they can no longer follow the sun. Hence, the flowers droop and the flowers reach maturity to eventually shed the seeds.

When you notice the flowers’ petals have all fallen off, you can simply snip away the flower. Next, dry the seeds but be sure to cover the plant with a screen to prevent the birds from eating the seeds.

Give it about a couple of weeks to let the flower dry out well. Once the back portion of the head turns yellow, you can now cut off its head. Take up to 6 inches of the flower’s stalk and cut this off.

If there are some petals left, you can simply remove them all. Rub the flowers to get the seeds out, and be sure to remove signs of grub infections, as well.

Choose a warm and dry place for your flower and keep them in a downward-facing position. This will help them to dry out well. In 3 weeks, the flower should be dried well, which then allows you to take the seeds out. You may have to push the seeds right out of the dried flower.

Let the seeds dry, or you can use these for your dishes or as a snack!

2. Underwatered Flowers

It is also possible that your sunflowers are shedding their petals because of a lack of water. They are dehydrated, which is why they tend to wilt and shed the petals.

Generally, sunflowers are good at handling drought. But you should also try to keep them healthy by watering them with a desirable amount of water. Since these plants have natural oils, they need more water.

Sunflowers need about 1.5 liters of water a day, if they have become underwatered. Check the top layer to make sure it is moist. Then, you can use only a liter or water daily once it has recovered from dehydration.

3. Bug Infestation

This is another reason behind sunflower petals falling off. Perhaps the bugs are attacking your flowers, which causes the plant to get weaker. Among the common pests that can harm your sunflower are cutworms, grasshoppers, moths, borers, and beetles. You need to protect your plant from these bugs.

It is all about prevention, if you want to control these pests from wreaking havoc to your sunflower. Clean out the weeds that grow around your plant since this is the desired location of bugs. You will also have to clean the weeds and consider planting in later July or June to reduce the issue with bug infestation.

Organic insecticides can also help with preventing bugs from getting into your plants. These are safe to use while at the same time helping your plants to thrive. Hosing the plant down at least once a week also offers a quick solution to remove these nasty bugs.


A sunflower may shed its petals for a number of reasons such as because of a bug infestation or underwatering. But other than these, you may notice sunflower petals falling off as a part of its natural life cycle.

It is best to inspect your plants regularly to make sure there are no pests causing harm to it. Also, be sure to maintain a watering schedule for your crops, to prevent them from either being underwatered or overwatered.

By doing so, you can help them to thrive well and prevent any problems over time.

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