The Top 4 Smart Gadgets That Make Gardening Easier

Modern technology has transformed so many aspects of our lives. From the way we communicate, work and organise our time, it’s impossible to imagine a world without it! 

Technology is now branching out (pun intended) into the gardening industry, making it easier than ever before for beginners to get great results. Don’t know what your soil needs? There’s a gadget for that. Can’t be bothered weeding? There’s a gadget for that too! 

Here are some great gadgets that will make your garden look great all year round.

Weeding robot

Who else groans at the prospect of a whole afternoon spent weeding? You’re not alone, and the most cumbersome yet essential garden job has now been made a whole lot easier with the weeding robot. 

Forget crouching down for hours digging up stubborn roots. These solar-powered robots will make sure that your vegetables and beloved plants are protected from weed infestation and keep your lawn healthy. In fact, these robots weed your garden better than if you did it by hand.

Smart soil sensors

For anyone starting out as a gardener who can’t anticipate what their plants need, a smart soil sensor provides precious insight. Placed in the soil of your house plants, they can record data like temperature, light levels, humidity and nutrient levels and send it to your smartphone.

Then, you will be able to address the things that your plant needs. Maybe it’s getting too much sunlight, or the humidity levels are too low. All these things are difficult to figure out on your own; let a soil sensor do the hard work.


The Top 4 Smart Gadgets That Make Gardening Easier

Not all smart devices replace work that has to be done by you. An invaluable tool when it comes to keeping pests away, protect your fruit or vegetable crop with a quality polytunnel that will deter snails, birds and other common pests. 

Not only will they protect food crops, but they will also improve the overall quality of your garden and ensure that all your hard work is not for nothing!

Smart sprinklers

Another annoying task is that of watering your garden. During summer, our gardens often need to be watered, taking up time during the day when we’d rather be doing other things. If you have a big garden, this could take over an hour.

Smart sprinklers not only take the jo out of your hands, but they also save money by watering your garden just the right amount. Smart capabilities mean that it can water your garden according to the weather forecast, giving the right water at the right time and tailoring the water consumption according to different areas of the garden.

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