What Can You Do With Basil Flowers?

Have you been growing basil plants? Then you probably already know that you should prune the flowers off of the plants once they appear.

If left on the plant, the flowers would slow down leaf production and reduce the flavor quality of the leaves. You wouldn’t want these flowers to go to waste though, so what can you do with basil flowers?

Read on to find out!

what can you do with basil flowers

What Can You Do With Basil Flowers?

You’ll be surprised that there is more to do with the basil flowers! After pinching off these beautiful purple flowers for your plant’s growth, these are some things you may want to try doing to make use of the blooms:

1. Eat The Flowers

Yes, basil flowers are edible! They would have a similar, yet milder, taste compared to basil leaves, perfect for various dishes. However, taste-test the flowers first, as some can be a bit more bitter than expected.

Sprinkle basil flowers over a salad for a more decorative touch while adding the mild basil flavors. You can also garnish these flowers over dishes that pair well with basil leaves, including cheese, pasta, fresh fruits, or a plate of quality meat and/or vegetables.

2. Basil Flower Vinegar

Basil flower vinegar pairs excellently with olive oil and citrus juices for salad dressings. Follow these steps to make this vinegar:

a. Place your fresh basil flowers in a clean glass jar, covering them with red or white wine vinegar. You may add even more basil flowers as long as you have enough vinegar to cover everything. Make sure the jar is covered as you add more basil.
b. When the jar is full, allow the basils and wine to infuse for a week, at least.
c. Once done, strain out the basil flowers, either discarding them or using them for compost.
d. Transfer the basil flower vinegar to a clean glass jar and cover it tightly. You can place it on a cruet as well!

3. Basil Flower Oil

This is another excellent option to use for certain dishes, especially salads! The basil flowers would intensify the flavor of your olive oil, and you just need to replenish the oil with new flowers now and then. Here are the steps to follow:

a. Rinse your fresh basil flowers, patting them dry.
b. Simply drop your flowers (the stems should be attached) into a clean glass jar, then fill it up with fresh olive oil. Make sure you add enough olive oil to cover the flowers to avoid mold growth.
c. Cover the jar tightly and store it in a cool and dark area for a month.
d. Remove the flowers and/or strain the olive oil before using. You can leave the flowers in the jar, provided that they stay submerged in the oil. To strengthen the flavor and infusion, add more fresh basil flowers to the oil!

This oil can be used for your dishes or you can infuse basil flowers with coconut oil to make it into an essential oil.

4. Brew Basil Tea

All you need to do here is to add fresh basil flowers to a pot or cup of boiling water, allowing it to steep for a few minutes. Then, strain the tea using a strainer and enjoy a hot cup of tea, not tea bags or leaves required.

5. Display The Flowers

If your basil plant has flowered, you can get those big flower buds and make them into bouquets! These bouquets can be gifted to a loved one, along with other flowers, or you can display them in your kitchen or living area in a bud vase. They won’t only look amazing, but they smell great as well.

Wrapping It Up

Basil flowers are actually pretty versatile and there are many things you can do with them, from cooking to a home display. Try any of these methods the next time you need to prune the flowers. Just make sure you do so properly and carefully so as not to disturb the plant growth!

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