What Equipment Do Lawn Care Businesses Require?

If you’re considering starting your own profitable gardening and lawn care business, it’s worth considering what upfront costs you’ll have before you get things up and running. 

One of the main concerns is what tools and equipment you need to carry out your job roles easily and efficiently. We’ve listed some essential equipment that you’ll need to kick-start your new business venture.

What Equipment Do Lawn Care Businesses Require?

Safety equipment

As you’ll be using your hands a lot, heavy-duty working gloves are an absolute must when starting a lawn care business. You must invest in a high-quality pair to prevent the likelihood of any damage from occurring.

Depending on the type of tasks you’ll be performing, you should invest in kneeling pads, safety goggles and a robust pair of boots so you can carry out your role safely and comfortably. 

Lawn mower

A lawn mower is an essential garden landscaping tool, so it’s worth investing in a high-quality model that can get the job done seamlessly. 

Offering a precise cut and clean finish to any garden lawn, this piece of equipment may seem pricey at first, but you’ll soon make your money back. 


Having access to water is key to garden maintenance. It’s recommended that you primarily use a hose over a watering can, as this allows you to cover more surface area, saving you a lot of time and effort. 

However, if there are sections of the garden that only require a delicate sprinkle, a watering can will be your best friend. Depending on how much pressure the plants can handle, having both tools under your belt can help you achieve multiple tasks at hand.

Hand trowel

You can always rely on a trusty hand trowel to help you get the job done. As one of the most-used gardening tools, it is most effective with smaller jobs, such as planting saplings, uprooting weeds and minimal digging. 

Be sure to purchase a durable, stainless steel trowel that can offer reliability and practicality. That way, your brand-new tool will last for years to come.


For those tasks that require a slightly larger version of the trowel, a spade can certainly help. Whether you’re planting medium-sized plants, digging, breaking up or lifting soil, a spade can make these tasks a lot easier.

It’s a great tool to help keep your lawn looking sharp and is ideal when you need to remove large weeds with extensive root networks.


If your lawn mower has left a large amount of excess grass behind, worry not. A grass rake is the perfect tool to help clean up, removing any cut grass or rotten leaves that have remained on the lawn. 

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