What Will Happen to Plants That Are Kept in the Dark?

As we all know, plants rely on light for it to survive. Without light, they cannot go through photosynthesis, which is required for them to grow and thrive. So it has you wonder, what will happen to plants that are kept in the dark?

Will these plants die off quickly, or is there a possibility of them surviving? Let’s find out!

what will happen to plants that are kept in the dark

What Will Happen to Plants That Are Kept in the Dark?

The most important factors that would affect plant growth are light, nutrients, water, and temperature. If your plant is kept in the dark, it can’t perform photosynthesis. Without that, it won’t create food on its own, which will gradually lead to its death.

Light plays a crucial role to ensure plant growth and health, which is why all plant owners need to ensure that their plants get the proper amount of light. If given less light, or when under complete darkness, it has serious consequences, affecting its growth and life.

Besides this, the light will also affect the temperature of the environment the plant is in. Some plant varieties are sensitive to temperature changes and may require higher temperatures to grow. If the light is gone and the temperature drops when the plant is kept in the dark, it would also affect the plant’s growth, along with how it produces food.

This is because the heat from the sun will affect photosynthesis, along with affecting respiration, which is when plants use oxygen for producing carbon dioxide. Other than that, the temperature affects the plant’s transpiration, which is the process of water moving throughout the plant.

With all this in mind, take note that even if all plants require light, they each have different light intensities needed. Some may require full days of sun to grow well, while others can survive and thrive with less light. This all depends on the plant’s needs and variety, so make sure to search ahead before giving all your plants the same amount of sunlight and nutrients.

Here are the things that would happen when plants are kept in the dark:

1. Plant Growth and Health

Again, the plant won’t be able to undergo photosynthesis without proper light. When kept in a dark room, it can survive for maybe two weeks max, but definitely not longer than that. Plant growth is dependent on conditions such as sunlight and water, and without those light conditions, the plant grows weak without food.

As a result? The plant withers or becomes stunted.

With less light and heat present, the plant’s health will drop because its major processes (photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration) would decrease. The plant becomes unhealthy and grows slowly if it still continues growing at all.

2. Leaves Turn Yellow

When kept in a dark area, the plant’s leaves would start turning yellow, yellow-white, or page green. This indicates that the plant’s growing conditions are very poot, as there is no light.

The reason behind the discoloration is the lack of chlorophyll in the leaves. This is a pigment required for the leaves to perform photosynthesis. Without light, the plant will adapt by producing less chlorophyll, resulting in the discoloration of leaves.

3. Leaves Fall and the Plant Dies

After the leaves have turned yellow, they will turn brown and begin falling off. Without light, plants cannot absorb water properly. Even if you continue watering the plant as normal, it can’t perform its duties well without light.

The plant’s evaporation rate will slow down, with the soil remaining moist. The moist soil has it logged with water, which causes your plant’s roots to start rotting. Once it does, then the plant will die gradually.

While leaving your plant in a dark area won’t cause any immediate harm, they will eventually die or show signs of unhealthiness within a matter of days. You will need to check on your plants daily to ensure they receive proper amounts of light to prevent that from happening!

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Wrapping It Up

As we all know plants require light to thrive and survive. When kept in the dark, they have no light or sunlight at all, which halts all the major processes that keep them healthy and alive. Give it a few days or weeks, then you can expect the plant to dry up or have its roots rot, dying from lack of light.

This is why it’s essential to provide your plants not only with proper light but with all of its necessary factors for them to stay healthy. Make sure that you know how much your plant needs in terms of light, water, nutrients, and temperature, creating the perfect environment for them. Good luck!

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