Will Cabbage Regrow After Harvest?

You better eat your greens, and cabbage is an excellent vegetable you can eat! What’s great about cabbage is that you can also plant it in your garden to have access to leafy greens to keep healthy. But when planting this vegetable crop though, you’ve probably wondered, “will cabbage regrow after harvest?”

There are various answers to this, so read on to learn more about what happens after harvesting cabbages and if you can expect them to regrow for more produce!

will cabbage regrow after harvest

Will Cabbage Regrow After Harvest?

Cabbage is a very nutritious cool-season vegetable grown around the world, with many varieties to choose from. They are usually planted during the spring or fall, as they can be a winter crop, depending on the area you’re from.

What’s great about cabbages is that their seeds sprout quickly, with the cabbage head being ready to harvest in 2-4 months, depending on its variety.

Upon harvest, can you expect the cabbage plant to regrow and sprout even more cabbage heads to harvest and consume?

Yes! When you harvest cabbage properly, small cabbage heads might regrow from its stalk. However, for those who perform field holding methods to prevent head-splitting, baby sprouts won’t form.

That’s why it’s important to know how to properly harvest cabbage heads so you can harvest a few small sprouts from every plant. If you don’t harvest properly, then expect the remaining bits of the cabbage plant to shrivel and die, so you have to leave a bit of green behind for it to become a viable source for sprouting another round.

But how do you do that?

Cabbages won’t regrow from the single main head. They will regrow as baby sprouts from the sides. That’s why when harvesting cabbage, you might have noticed there will be loose lower leaves. Do NOT pick them out when harvesting the central head and cut the head as far up its stem as much as possible.

Leave these loose lower leaves on the stem after harvesting the main head. These leaf axials from the base of the lower leaves will begin to grow, forming smaller heads. You can then harvest these small sprouts of cabbage heads once they feel firm and similar to the central head.

Besides this, avoid using field holding tactics as a way to prevent the plant from splitting before harvest. Instead, plan ahead and harvest the central head earlier if you think splitting is imminent. Furthermore, care for your cabbage plant even after harvest, as those little sprouts still require care!

After harvesting the main cabbage head, provide proper moisture to your cabbage plants as usual and monitor for any pests and disease. After harvesting, learn how to store the cabbage head and its smaller sprouts well.

Do you want to learn more about cabbage and how to plant them properly to regrow after harvesting? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to growing cabbages, you can expect them to regrow, but not as how you’d expect during the initial harvest. You do get more harvest out of it compared to cauliflower, though with delicate differences. When done correctly though, you can still have cabbages of similar quality to enjoy on the dinner table!

I hope that this article answered your question, “will cabbage regrow after harvest?” Now that you know the answer, start to learn more about growing cabbage and how to ensure you get bountiful harvests now!

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