Will Cauliflower Regrow After Harvest?

Cauliflower is a fairly easy vegetable crop to grow (though they do take time and effort), and a popular one at that! Many love to plant cauliflower not only because of its ease of planting but how this versatile vegetable can be cooked and prepared into many dishes. That’s why you’re probably wondering, “will cauliflower regrow after harvest?”

After all, you want more than just one cauliflower to harvest after planting, so you get to keep a lot of cauliflower for your family to consume! With that said, read on as I show you the answers.

will cauliflower regrow after harvest

Will Cauliflower Regrow After Harvest?

Cauliflower heads (also called a curd) would develop quickly in ideal growing environments.

When the head begins growing, it becomes discolored and would taste bitter because of the sunlight. Because of this, one will need to blanch the growing cauliflower to whiten it while keeping the sun away. After one or two weeks into the blanching process, the cauliflower will then be ready to harvest.

Afterward, it’s time for its harvest, and you need to take great care into harvesting for it to taste good and last long when storing it.

Once you have harvested cauliflower, will it regrow and develop more cauliflower produce?

Unfortunately, you can harvest cauliflower only once. When you harvest the mature cauliflower head, there won’t be any new and edible heads that will form. This is because, unlike broccoli, which would develop flavorful side shoots made for multiple harvests, cauliflower produces only one edible head.

When you cut that mature edible head, the plant’s side shoots would become tough and taste bitter. This is why after you harvested the main cauliflower head, you would discard the remaining plant or toss it in the compost heap. Now you know why cauliflower might be pricier compared to other vegetables in the supermarket because they can only be harvested once after a slightly difficult planting process.

With that said, there is a way to extend your harvest if you love cauliflower and want more of it! You can do so by planting various types of cauliflower that mature at different times. However, cauliflower plants will still only last for one harvest and should be discarded after to make way for new crops.

Do you want to learn more about cauliflower and harvesting it properly? This helpful video can show you more about it:

Wrapping It Up

While cauliflower is easy to plant, they do take some effort in order to get a healthy cauliflower to harvest. Unfortunately, you can only harvest cauliflower only once, BUT there are ways you can extend your harvest. That way, you have more cauliflower, though be wary about its quality, as it may not be as good as the first harvest.

I hope that this article answered your question, “will cauliflower regrow after harvest?” Now that you know the answer, do make sure you learn more about planting cauliflower to ensure a bountiful and healthy harvest today.

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