Birds Of Paradise Leaves Splitting – Find Out Why

Appearing in southern Africa in sheer magnitude, the birds of paradise attract tree-keepers and appear in all corners of the world. This plant has large foliage and is popular in indoor and outdoor decor.

One of the tree manifestations that you cannot ignore is birds of paradise leaves splitting. On the whole, find the root cause and change the planting location and care to help the tree grow beautifully in your area.

What Are The Main Causes Of Birds Of Paradise Leaves Splitting?

Birds of paradise have huge leaves compared to other plants. The phenomenon of leaf separation becomes completely normal for plants to adapt to the growing environment. They can appear if your planting location is windy. The leaves resemble giant sails. Older leaves will separate more to allow younger leaves to develop. Therefore, you need to prune them.

In addition, the phenomenon of leaf separation is also caused by several reasons such as light, nutrition, soil moisture, and environment. The area where the plant is planted, as well as the pot it is planted in, also affects this process. Find the root cause and change your care.


Average Light Conditions

If you’re not growing your Bird of Paradise outdoors, try to ensure minimal light for many hours. This plant line grows well in large outdoor environments. After all, try to find a suitable location for the tree.

For long-term growth, the plant needs as much light as possible daily. You should ensure proper lighting to help with the growing process.

Effects On Leaves From Animals Or Wind

Animals or other environmental agents also affect leaf segregation. Larger leaves are more prone to tearing than smaller leaves. They are easily torn when there is a small force from animals or other natural factors.

Bird of Paradise can reach heights of up to 6 feet. This height of the plant also creates favorable conditions for harmful agents. Therefore, you should learn about the location and growing environment before fixing the pot.

The Tree Is Severely Lacking In Water

The lack of water causes the leaves to wither. They will separate faster from the brown dry site. With too much light or drought, this phenomenon also occurs more.

Low Humidity

Bird of Paradise belongs to the line of tropical plants. They need proper moisture to grow healthy. With dry conditions, the leaves will be fragile. This causes the leaves to split and become worse.

Inadequate Nutrition

Large plants always need the right amount of nutrients. Your tree is showing split ends due to a lack of copper, manganese, and some other essential nutrients for the soil. Test these nutrients with the right fertilizer regimen for plant care.


The main cause of infection is a bacterial or fungal invasion. The presence of aphids, fungi, and other insects also affects the leaves. And so they separate and show distinct diseases. Observe some leaf colors to diagnose plant diseases and seek timely treatment.

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Some Measures To Reduce The Phenomenon Of Leaf Separation

After determining the cause of this phenomenon, you have timely treatment and treatment to keep the beauty of the giant leaves. Check out some workarounds below:

Ensure Proper Lighting, Humidity, And Water Intake

Check the soil regularly with the humidity of the environment to provide a reasonable watering method. If the Bird of Paradise is in a location with too much hot light, move them to a cooler planting location. Plants can be grown indoors with at least 4 hours of indirect light per day.

Increase the humidity of the environment with dry days or cold weather. With the right planting location and the right amount of moisture, the plant will grow well with the unique beauty of its new leaves.

Place The Plant In A Location Away From Harmful Agents

Insects, animals, or simply wind become agents of damage to the leaves of plants. They can eat leaves, hitting the leaves hard and causing the leaves to split. In brief, you can cut these leaves close to the stem so that new leaves appear. This work is done before winter begins to ensure the growth of new shoots in the spring.

Nutritional Supplements

Use some of the familiar plant fertilizers you have to add Boron-Mg-Zinc. The leaves become healthy with many young shoots. We also encourage growers to refer to organic fertilizers and slow-release fertilizers.

In addition, handle dangerous diseases for leaves to help the new growth of the plant. Kill the fungus and cut off infected leaves before they affect the entire stem and roots.

With a favorable outdoor environment, Bird of Paradise grows many leaves curled in the center of the tree and can produce white flowers. Seek out this beauty with your special care.

Finally, the Bird of Paradise also needs to be repotted according to the growth rate of the tree or the soil improvement over 1 year. Observe the different factors of leaf splitting to give proper care.

Final Words

Give your garden a new look with some large plants. Bird of Paradise is suitable for any grower. They also need to ensure the right elements of light, environment, water, and nutrition. You can share some of the strange phenomena of Bird of Paradise through our articles.

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