Sterilizing Soil With Boiling Water And Some Alternative Methods

If you love gardening, you need to learn the skills of growing plants and disinfecting the soil during the care process. There are many factors and plant pathogens present in the soil. One of the measures that you may be interested in is sterilizing soil with boiling water.

Due to bugs, fungi, and pathogens, plants will get sick or die. Detect the condition of the soil and the behavior of the plant to provide the ideal care. We suggest you some safe ways to disinfect the soil before you start planting.

Learn The Method Of Sterilizing Soil With Boiling Water

You have heard of this method but have not had time to practice or do not know how to do it. Follow our guidelines to help your plants thrive from the very beginning.

It is wrong to think that the soil is always clean. During the growing process, pests appear everywhere even in the soil. If you want the right type of soil, you can buy prepackaged clean soil at a high price. However, you can completely clean up the available soil to reuse for the next planting.

Some Diseases Are Hidden In The Soil

First, bugs and insects not only attach to leaves and stems but also appear in the soil. They cause many causes of plant wilting. With a fast growth rate, insects live in the soil and cause many problems that are harmful to plants.

Second, the fungus grows in the soil. Humid environmental conditions will make this process happen quickly. There are many ways to treat plant diseases. However, you should also clean the soil if you want them not to spread to other plants.

Finally, weeds or seeds mixed in the soil will grow and take all the nutrients from the plant. Therefore, you need to remove these factors to ensure an environment for plants. These reasons should make you think about learning how to disinfect soil at home with the good experiences we mentioned.

Different Ways To Disinfect The Soil

The most common and easiest way you can clean your soil from harmful insects is with boiling water. Use a tray to hold the right amount of soil. Then pour boiling water to clean the soil. With this simple way, you can kill pathogens and fungi that appear in the soil.

In addition, some people keep the soil in the freezer to prevent the development of pests. This is also useful for the process of killing pathogens before planting trees that you may be interested in.

If using heat to kill pathogens, you can boil it, using the oven or microwave. Let the soil boil for 30 minutes. This condition helps to destroy all sources of damage to the soil. With a microwave or oven, it is recommended that you set it to a high temperature of 180 to 200° F.

Does Sterilization Affect Soil Nutrients?

Every soil has good and bad microorganisms. The process of disinfecting the soil also causes many nutrients in the soil to disappear. Therefore, you need to add fertilizer to the soil to help the plant have an additional source of nutrients without becoming infected in the new environment.

The use of chemical pesticides or herbicides will affect health and environmental problems. Therefore, you need to pay attention to a simple but effective treatment method to be environmentally friendly and not harmful to the environment. That’s one of the reasons we recommend that gardeners use the heat method to clean up the soil.

Are you surprised by this boiling water method for sterilization? You can completely trust that boiling water can destroy all sources of plant diseases. However, you can do a thorough decontamination of the soil before you use it to plant a nursery.

This way is simple and fast. You can proceed at any time within a short period without spending a lot of time looking for how to do it. Take every container you have with the required amount of potting soil and start boiling it up in the minimum amount of time.

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What Do You Need To Do After The Soil Sterilization Process?

Wait for the soil to cool completely and it is best to use them in the following days with the addition of some fertilizer to promote the growth of new plants.

Most methods of disinfecting soil with boiling water are simple and highly recommended. Different types of soil pathogens appear even when you buy potted plants from the garden to supplement your home. Germs appear more in humid or dimly lit environments. Ensure the best root development in the new soil medium. Try our approach to soil reuse with proper planting.

At Last

Finding the right soil for each plant can take a long time. However, you can ensure this problem and use the available soils with the disinfection method that we guide above. Most insects and pathogens disappear during boiling.

Use the supports you have to boil water and soil. Then you can safely use them for your wonderful garden. If you have successfully used this soil, please be interested and learn new methods and sharing them with us.

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