Can You Grow Blackberries Indoors? Tips And Tricks For Indoor Planting

Can you grow blackberries indoors?

This is a question many people ask, especially if they don’t have any space available in their garden.

In some cases, you may live in an apartment with absolutely zero garden or outdoor space.

Yet, don’t let these circumstances stop you from growing blackberries. Fortunately, you can cultivate them indoors! The entire process may be somewhat tricky, though. But we lay out the steps and tips to help you have a thriving indoor blackberry garden.

can you grow blackberries indoors

The Real Deal About Growing Blackberries Indoors

We all know that blackberries love the sun. They require a space that gets full sun for a number of hours a day, although shaded areas are fine, too.

With this in mind, you may be wondering – can you grow blackberries indoors?

The answer is a solid yes, and it is definitely possible to have a good yield in this kind of situation.

But do take note that it is only possible depending on the variety that you grow.

Blackberry Variety Matters

Generally, blackberries come into two major categories – the erect and the trailing. Vertical varieties grow upwards, which means you can easily plant these in a container.

On the other hand, you can opt for the trailing or horizontal variety if you have a home garden. But since we are discussing indoor blackberry gardening, the erect kind is your best bet.

It really all depends on the location where you are growing your crop.

Now, it is also worth noting that there is such a thing as the erect dwarf. What this means is that the crop will not grow very big. So, not only is it space-friendly but it is also more suitable for indoor gardening.

Seeds or Pre-Grown Saplings?

Now that you have decided on the blackberry variety to grow, you need to choose between a pre-grown sapling and a seed.

The method of planting varies between the two. If you have chosen to grow blackberries from seeds, you need to fill a pot with soil about 12 inches or so in depth. At the center, dig 5 inches and place the seed into it.

If you are planting several seeds, you need to keep a space of 12 inches between each.

Unless you have a very large and long pot, it is best to stick to one plant per pot. Otherwise, there is an issue on overcrowding, which can impact the growth of your crops.

Pat down the soil and add some water until it feels adequately damp and moist.

However, if you prefer to grow from a sapling, you should choose the sapling very well. Buy healthy-looking saplings, which should be easier to grow.

Dig a depth of 6 inches into the pot’s center. Cut off unhealthy-looking roots from your sapling and then place it gently right into your pot.

Pat gently the soil until the roots are covered well. You may also plant a few more saplings but only if there is enough spacing per crop.

Container Size Matters When Growing Blackberries Indoors

When it comes to planting blackberries in containers, you need to give them a good amount of space to grow well.

For erect varieties, an ideal pot size is one that measures 12 inches or so. This way, your plant can grow well and bear fruit. Additionally, the container needs to have some holes for drainage purposes. In case it does not have any hole, you can always drill some at the bottom.

Fill the container with a good-quality soil to help your plant grow well. We recommend using acidic soil that has a pH level of 5.5 up to 7.0. This way, your crops will flourish and develop very well.

In case you opt for the trailing blackberry variety, a rod may be necessary to keep your plant secured and upright. Tie the stem to the rod securely using one of those twist ties. Over time, your blackberries should grow nicely in vertical rows with the help of the rod.

Location Is Very Important

growing blackberries indoors

It is expected that there will be less sunlight indoors as compared with planting your blackberries outdoors.

In this case, you should select a spot in your home that gets up to 8 hours of daily sunlight. However, this is only the minimal requirement. If you can give it more hours of sunlight each day, that is even better.

But if it is absolutely impossible to find an area in your home with this amount of sunlight, you can always invest in grow lights. Position them correctly to give them an optimal level of heat and light.

Distance is very important since putting them too close will burn up the plant. You can also replace the bulbs with energy-efficient ones. This way, you can maintain less heat that will mitigate the risk of burning your crops.

Now, the winter can be tough for growing blackberries indoors. With minimal sunlight each day, it only means that your plant would require more time to grow. This is why using a supplementary light such as a grow light can help. You can always remove these lights when the summer kicks in and brings in more natural light each day.

Watering Tips For Growing Blackberries Indoors

Aside from light, water is very crucial to ensuring the proper growth of your blackberries.

If you water your plant incorrectly, it may either lead to mold growth or even cause the plant to rot.

But the good thing is that blackberries are hardy plants. There is no serious risk of messing up the watering level. As a rule of thumb, it is best to only water your plants when you notice the top layer appearing dry.

However, do not wait to water until the soil is completely parched. You can use your fingers to determine the moisture level on the soil. If it is a bit moist, then you can wait to water. But if it feels dry, you definitely have to water it.

Pour the water slowly and carefully. It should be about 2 to 3 inches of water to moisten the soil. If you push your fingers right into the soil, you can check if the water is absorbed or not. Moreover, the water should leak out slowly of the drainage holes. Once this happens, you can give the watering a break.

Final Words On Growing Your Blackberries Indoors

Blackberries are delightful to munch and quite nutritious, as well.

And the best thing about this plant – you can grow them indoors, too!

With the right conditions such as the soil, container, sunlight, and choosing the best variety to grow, you can gain success in your indoor garden.

Be sure to follow the tips we have shared with you today, plant the right type of blackberry and use good quality soil, and you should be able to get maximum yield from your thriving indoor garden for years to come!

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