What Size Raised Bed For Blackberries? Important Tips For Avid Gardeners

Here is one question we get a lot – “What size raised bed for blackberries do I need?”

Blackberries are woody perennial and herbaceous plants that come from the rose family. When planting this crop, it is always best to do so in a raised bed for maximum results.

So, how big should the raised bed be?

Keep reading to know more about the size of raised bed for your blackberries and ensure an abundance of harvest once the right season comes. Let’s start planting!

what size raised bed for blackberries

Raised Bed Size And Specifications For Blackberries

Blackberries grow best when planted in raised beds. But the question is, how big should these beds be?

If you are looking to plant this crop, it is best to have a clear understanding of the raised bed size and specifications that will help you to maximize its growth and development.

Create your raised beds.

The size of your raised beds largely depends on the type of blackberries you are planning to grow.

This is why you should consider any space requirements as per the type you are using. For instance, trailing blackberries need a spacing of 4 up to 10 feet per row. There should also be 8 to 10 feet in between each row.

But if you are only looking to plant single blackberry plants, a raised bed measuring 3 x 12 feet should be more than enough.

If space is an issue, you can create 2 x 2 feet raised beds for your trailing blackberries. Then, you can add a layer of pine needles or straw on top of your raised bed. This should help regulate the moisture and ensure proper drainage of soil.

raised bed for blackberries
Source: u.osu.edu

Important Tips To Consider

Blackberries are quite easy to grow even at home.

They can easily adapt to the climate and soil in North America, so if you are planting it in this part of the world, you are in luck.

These crops grow wild in hardiness zones beginning 3 to 10. With the right soil mix, conditions, and a good quality raised bed, you can expect them to thrive and give you an abundant yield.

Speaking of abundance, you may also fertilize your crops with a 10-10-10 balanced fertilizer annually. However, be sure to keep the mixture far away from the stems.

These crops also send shoots up close to the parent plant. Thus, you will need to plant them in an area where it is easy to mow on the raised bed. Then, you can quickly remove these suckers. Blackberries planted in raised bed also need to have the suckers removed regularly to prevent suffocation of the main bush.

Lastly, pruning is a necessity when you grow your crops in a raised bed. By pruning them correctly, you can maintain the desirable height and avoid your plants from spreading unnecessarily. As you prune, your crops stay within bounds while improving the fruit quality.

Final Words

Raised beds are definitely a way to go when planting blackberries in your garden.

When determining what size raised bed for blackberries to build, you need to consider the type of blackberry you are planting, as well as the amount of space you have in your yard.

The tips we have just shared with you should help you build your raised bed and grow your crops the best way possible. So, go ahead and get your cultivars, prepare your raised bed and soil, and start planting!

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  1. There is not one reason in this article why you should use raised beds for blackberries. I am so sick of articles on the internet written by those that have no idea what they are writing about. There is no need for a raised bed unless there is too much water on the property.


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