How Deep Do Blackberry Roots Grow – And Why It Matters!

You may be curious to find out how deep do blackberry roots grow.

Are they shallow? Or do they go quite deep into the soil?

If you are planting blackberries for the first time, it helps to know the maximum depth the roots can grow. This way, you can determine how deep you should create the hole to plant them in.

But that’s not all – we have gone the extra mile by adding some fascinating tidbits of information to help you plant this amazing crop with great success. So, keep reading and discover what it takes to have a thriving blackberry patch all year round!

how deep do blackberry roots grow

The Basics on Blackberries – Getting Started

Blackberries come in a number of varieties, each of them capable of adapting well to their specific growing conditions.

Whether you have a large garden or simply a small one where you plan on planting these crops in containers, either way should work well.

In fact, you can start a home garden with a couple of these blackberry shrubs and expect an abundant harvest for you and your family.

The most important thing is that you know just how deep the roots grow, so you can provide a good amount of soil for your crop. This is crucial information that can make a difference in the way you plant and harvest this crop.

How Deep Do Blackberry Roots Grow

These perennials have strong roots that enable them to survive each year. Some people assume that the roots are quite long and go very deep because of the tall growth of these crops.

However, what most do not know is that blackberries have roots that only go to a maximum depth of 12 up to 16 inches. In some conditions, it can grow longer but not by so much.

With this in mind, it is absolutely possible to grow your blackberries in pots.

This is why you can have a ballpark of how big the pot you need to buy and how much soil you need to use for your blackberries.

Quick Tips For Growing Blackberries

First things first – you need to prepare the site where you want to grow your crops.

Before you begin planting, you need to take some samples of the soil. It is important to maintain the right pH level and the availability of nutrients. This way, you can get maximum yield for your crops.

Once you get your soil checked, and you are certain that it is suitable for planting your crops, you can now begin to till it.

We recommend that you maintain a depth of up to 18 inches before planting. Blackberries have reasonably deep roots, which means they need more space for the root systems to grow and develop.

Then, you can plant them in a row or hedge, while making sure there are about 2 to 4 feet of spacing between each plant.

In case you have two or more rows, the space should be 6 feet or so per plant to prevent overcrowding and maximize their growth.

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Best Time To Plant Blackberries

There are a few times a year to plant blackberries and gain maximum results.

For instance, you can plant them in the spring, fall, or winter.

However, we do not advise that you plant them in the summer or late spring. The weather is too hot and intense for these berries, which can lead to stress.

You may either purchase blackberries in containers while others are sold as bare-root types.

If you want to go for containerized plants, you still need to prepare a bed for your crops. The bed must have the similar depth as what they have in the container.

However, bare-root plants can be tricky. You should dig a large hole for allowing the roots to easily spread and grow. Then, you need to cover the roots with soil perfectly well and water them thoroughly.

Ripe shiny blackberries on a bush

Special Considerations When Planting Blackberries

It is important to note that berries are delicate crops to grow. It takes a lot of energy and time to cultivate them, yet the scrumptious and nutritious fruit is certainly worth it.

The top portion of the plant, which is right above its soil is considered as biennial. What this means is that the cane grows for one year followed by the fruit in the following year. Afterwards, new canes take the place of these old canes once they die.

It also does not take only a few harvest seasons to get an abundance of fruits from your crops. In some cases, you will have to wait up to 3 seasons for you to grow these plump and tasty berries. So, be patient until the perfect time has come for you to harvest.

Furthermore, there are different types of blackberries that impact the harvest time. There is the floricane that bears fruit only on canes that are 2 years old. On the other hand, the primocane produces fruit on the growing cane within the current season.

So, it is best to know what type of shrub you have to know what to expect each season.


When you know how deep your blackberry roots grow, you can determine the right depth of soil to allot for each plant.

This is a crucial step to maintaining the proper growth and development of your crops. Moreover, you can be sure that your blackberries are achieving their fullest potentials. And as you know, this will greatly impact the return on your investment!

So, we hope this post has been helpful for you! Now, you can go ahead and plant blackberries and expect an abundant yield when harvest season comes!

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