How Long Can You Run Funny Pipe?

Have you heard of the Funny Pipe? This is a strong poly tubing made of flexible and thick-walled polyethylene, a popular tool in the garden.

When you are using a funny pipe, or at least plan to use it, a lot of questions may come to mind. One common question asked is, ‘how long can you run funny pipe?’

Read on to learn more about what funny pipes are and how long to run them for them to work efficiently.

how long can you run funny pipe

What is a Funny Pipe?

This type of pipe is used for solving any tough sprinkler installation or replacement issues. It would act as the extension cord between the sprinkler and the water line. You connect these with pop-up spray heads and rotors to a poly pipe and PVC lateral lines in irrigation systems.

That way, you can place your sprinklers at proper depth without needing to cut or glue PVC risers. This means it’s an eco-friendly method to connect sprinkler heads without the use of clamps or cement.

what is a funny pipe

How Long Can You Run Funny Pipe?

Funny Pipes feature 100 feet of piping to install or relocate sprinklers to areas that are difficult to reach. This will cushion sprinklers and protect them from damage in high-traffic locations. The diameter inside is about 0.495 inch while the outside diameter is 0.70 inches.

When you are following directions on installing the funny pipe, there are different ways to connect it with your lateral line. Follow the recommended method by the manufacturer and lay your sprinkler head down in the direction you plan to move it to, digging a trench to the new area. Don’t kink your hose too tight.

Now, in terms of how long you can run the funny pipe for, the rule of thumb is to run your funny pipe around 15’ or less in length. If you plan to move your sprinkler head to an area over 15’, then you’ll have to move the lateral line, which is a bit more complex of a process.

That said, the funny pipeline length may also depend on the GPM of your head and psi available. However, 15 feet is the optimum length. Any more than that and the pressure loss will be high.

Wrapping It Up

Funny Pipes are the way to go when you want to use an eco-friendly and easier method of installing your sprinklers for your irrigation system. By learning how to use a Funny Pipe and how long to run it for, you won’t have issues with sprinkler installation and growing your grass. If ever you run into unexpected issues, do contact a professional for immediate repair.

Hopefully, this article taught you more about funny pipes and how to install and use them efficiently. Do follow the information above so your sprinklers will work well and you can continue the irrigation process successfully. Good luck!

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