Why is Centipede Grass Seed So Expensive?

Are you planning to invest in grass seeds and achieve a lush, green garden? Be prepared to pay up! It does cost a lot when investing in grass seed, and there are valid reasons why.

How about centipede grass seed, in particular? Why is centipede grass seed so expensive? Read on to find out!

why is centipede grass seed so expensive

Why is Centipede Grass So Expensive?

Centipede grass is a common and popular grass used on lawns as it can thrive in high temperatures without needing much maintenance requirements. It has a lush and light green color when grown!

This type of grass will cost you about $340-385 per pallet, equating to $0.75-0.85 per square foot.

This is a much more expensive option than other grass varieties such as Bermuda grass or Kentucky bluegrass, which can cost $80-130 for up to 5,000 square feet!

So, why is it expensive?

This is because the cost of producing grass seeds is exceptionally high. It will require a lot of labor, equipment, and space, with these factors alone bringing up the total price of Centipede grass seed.

Usually, grass seed is grown on farmland, so many farmers will need to allot land for growing grass, which could have been used for other fruit or vegetable crops that may be of more value to them. This is why farmers are usually paid extra for grass, matching the amount of money they could have earned through produce if the land used for the grass was used for other crops.

Also, there is the machinery to think about. Growing and harvesting grass seed is expensive as it takes much special equipment and machinery, which come at a high cost. Also, grass seeds need to be coated before release, so they survive during the transportation (which adds to the shipping costs).

If certain manufacturers have higher prices than others, it may be due to the more detailed process and equipment used for harvesting grass seed. Also, manufacturers justify the higher costs as they do continued research to help improve grass varieties and the technologies required for higher-quality grass.

Wrapping It Up

Centipede grass is a costly investment but worth it, thanks to its low maintenance needs and the beautiful color it produces. When you are aware of its processes, it becomes clearer why people have to pay more for grass seed. Fortunately, there are ways to save up in the long run, such as purchasing grass seeds in bulk and opting to cut labor costs to maintain your lawn yourself.

I hope this article coherently explained why centipede grass is expensive. Before purchasing this type of grass, be sure to buy it from reputable stores, so you are assured high-quality grass seed for a great looking turf in time. Good luck!

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