How Long Does It Take for a Kiwi Plant to Produce Fruit?

Kiwi fruits are absolutely delicious and refreshing, tasting like a combination of bananas, melons, and strawberries. Besides that, they look very unique and can be used for many dishes, or even eaten on their own. For those who are growing kiwi plants or planning to, you may be wondering: How long does it take for a kiwi plant to produce fruit?

We know how exciting it is to be able to harvest kiwis soon, so read on to find out.

how long does it take for a kiwi plant to produce fruit

How Long Does It Take for a Kiwi Plant to Produce Fruit?

You will be surprised to know that kiwi plants are one of the easier fruit plants to grow, provided that they are grown in the right USDA zone and with the optimum growing environment. Their fruits would be smaller compared to the ones we purchase in supermarkets, though they are still just as tasty.

There are also other things you should know when it comes to expecting kiwi plants to produce fruit. Only female vines can produce fruit, so every 8-9 female vines will require 1 male vine that is older to perform their functions. You can also expect fragrant flowers to blossom from the vines during the early summer, while the fruits continue maturing throughout the summer before they are ready to harvest come late fall.

When you just planted your kiwi fruit, you’re already excited to learn when it’s ready to collect your first harvest! While hardy kiwi grows quickly, it will take some time before they can produce fruit.

You can expect dozens of kiwi fruits that are around 1-2 inches long after 3-4 years of planting. You can also expect it to have some fruit between 1-3 years, though it is likely to come in 3 years.

After that, yields would begin increasing after the first year, with the best production happening once the vines reach 8 years old. Expect the kiwi plants to produce for over 40 years, provided that they are taken care of well.

They will reach full-size by the middle of summer though they won’t ripen to their optimum sweetness until late summer or fall. This is when it’s ready to harvest and enjoy!

Wrapping It Up

Waiting for 3-4 years for kiwi plants can seem exhausting, but with patience and care, it will all pay off. Fortunately, they are quite easy to grow, and with proper knowledge and patience, you can enjoy kiwis for years to come. Growing kiwis won’t need to be challenging, it all begins with the optimum growing environment and dedication.

Hopefully, you found insight about the growth of kiwis, and how long it takes before they are ready to produce fruit and harvest. Now that you know its growth and harvesting timeline, plan ahead as you begin growing kiwi plants. Good luck and happy gardening!

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