How Much Water Does a Bean Plant Need Every Day?

Beans are filled with necessary nutrients that will keep your body happy and healthy, from carbs to potassium. This is why you can find many people, either beginner or expert gardeners, cultivating their own bean plants! That way, you can enjoy your favorite vegetables.

But as you are growing your bean plant, you may be wondering about their growth requirements, particularly water, one of the most important elements. How much water does a bean plant need every day anyway?

Read on to learn the exact answer!

how much water does a bean plant need everyday

How Much Water Does a Bean Plant Need Every Day?

In general, beans will require about an inch of water every week to grow well. If your area doesn’t get enough rain, you will need to water your bean plants once a week, or more if you live in hotter areas or during the summer This is because your bean plants would use about half an inch of water daily, particularly during the blossoming and pod growth.

That said, you shouldn’t only depend on timing alone to determine whether or not your bean plant may need watering. You should consider the soil moisture as well, to prevent under or overwatering plants. Rather than watering by the calendar, water when your plants need it, checking the plants’ appearance and soil condition.

A rule of thumb is to stick your finger in the soil around your bean plant. If the top inch is dry, then it’s time to water them and cover around one inch of water. You can also use a rain gauge to monitor the weekly rain amounts to ensure your plants are well-watered during the rainy season.

Here are more tips to follow to water your bean plant well:

  • Assess your bean plants every day or every other day to see if they need water.
  • It’s best to water the bean plants during the early morning for the best results. Doing this allows moisture collecting on the foliage to evaporate under the sun throughout the day, preventing fungal infections.
  • Direct the water to the soil when using a water hose or watering can. Don’t splash water on the foliage or leaves.
  • Only water your bean plants until the soil is saturated completely, but don’t create puddles in your soil. Overwatering is just as bad as underwatering your plants!

Wrapping It Up

All plants need the correct amount of water so they can produce large pods for harvesting and consumption. If not, then more issues would arise, not only about the yield but even the plant’s life itself! By watering them only as needed, you can expect them to grow healthily and produce bountiful harvest.

I hope you learned more about the growth requirements of bean plants, particularly their water needs. Be sure that you give them the right amount of water next time they need more, not too much or too little. Good luck and happy gardening!

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