Can Beans Grow Without Sunlight?

There are so many different types of bean plants one can grow, from snap beans to lima beans. These plants have similar growing requirements, and just like other plants, they require full sun to grow healthily and properly.

This is why it may have people wonder, “can beans grow without sunlight?”

The short answer: No. Read on to find out why!

can beans grow without sunlight

Can Beans Grow Without Sunlight?

As mentioned, beans can’t grow without sunlight, as this is an important element helping plants get the energy for growth. The energy harnessed by the sun will come in the form of sugar and starch, which would be transported to all parts of the plant. From germinating to harvesting, these nutrients need to be available for plants to grow well and produce a harvest.

In fact, bean plants would grow fastest and produce better when under unfiltered and direct sunlight! Without proper light, bean plants would end up withering and dying. If beans receive less than the minimum amount of sunlight needed, they may still be able to flower, but they won’t produce as many beans as expected since the blossoms would drop from no sunlight.

Furthermore, if beans were placed in areas with partial shade, this can affect the yield negatively. Full and unfiltered light would encourage even quicker germination and taller stems. This is why it’s best to place your bean plants outside or in a south-facing window with full access to sunlight.

This doesn’t include the risk of your plant wilting and dying because they require light for energy and growth! Remember, beans are warm-season and frost-sensitive crops, fairly easy to grow from seed, as long as they germinate in warm soil. That said, full sun isn’t required for germination, though warmth is needed, at least 60-70 degrees F, to be exact.

That said, too much light can also harm the bean plant. If you expose your bean plant to very hot and dry summers, the plant may wither from overexposure to sunlight, especially if they weren’t watered properly. So you will need to take note of the other growth requirements a bean plant needs, and it isn’t only a good amount of sunlight.

What about growth lights?

If you live in an area that has less sunlight than required, then it is possible to use growth lights, provided that they emulate the similar intensity and color as sunlight.

Wrapping It Up

Bean plants need to be planted in a location receiving full sunlight, around 8-10 hours daily. Without at least 6 hours’ worth of sunlight daily, they won’t grow well or produce as many beans. Besides that, they will need to meet other growth requirements, including water, proper temperature, soil quality, and much more.

Hopefully, you learned a lot about beans and their light requirements. Now that you know the answer, start caring for your bean plants appropriately and give them the requirements that have them grow well now. Happy gardening!

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