How To Break The Bead On A Lawn Mower Tire – 5 Easiest Ways

Lawn mower tires can often puncture or explode during operation. The reason is that they have to come into contact with hard grass, rocks, and obstacles on the way.

So you can often have problems like a flat tire, a punctured tire, an explosion, or a hard object stuck in it. If this situation happens often, you will find it annoying to have to bring it in for service or to a repair shop.

You can do it yourself at home with just five basic instructions in this article. So, how to break the bead on a lawn mower tire? Join us to research and implement now!

How To Break The Bead On A Lawn Mower Tire – Here Are Five Simple Ways

To check or patch punctures in the tire, you need to remove the tire from the metal rim. There are five simple ways you can do it yourself such as using your weight, using planks and vehicles, using a specialized kit, drilling, or using expert tools.

First, you need to remove the tire from the lawn mower and deflate the tire, pushing all the air out. With small lawn mowers, they are fixed only by a single pin in the center and four bolts on the large lawn mower.

After you have removed the tire from the lawn mower, open the valve and let it deflate. It is very meaningful in protecting your safety and tire patching will be more accurate. Here are five ways to remove a tire from a metal rim.

how to break the bead on a lawn mower tire

Use Your Body Weight To Remove The Tire

Place the wheel on a flat surface, then place your body weight on the tire surface. In particular, do not step on or press on the metal rim to avoid it being bent or damaged.

You move on the tire at the edge of the rim to use force to cause the tire to fall off the rim. This option is the simplest because you don’t need to use any tools. However, there are many cases such as big and hard lawn mower tires, which will take you a lot of time and effort to handle.

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Using Wooden Planks And Vehicles

If you cannot remove the tire from the rim of the lawn mower, you can use wood planks and other means to do this. First, you also place the tire on a flat and smooth surface. Place the piece of wood on the edge of the wheel and do not make contact with the rim.

Then you use any means and move on that wooden board to use force to remove the tire from the rim. Using the weight of the vehicle will help the tire pop out of the rim.

One note is that you should use this option for tires that are rusty or too dirty. Do not drive the vehicle over the wheel of the lawn mower as the rim will be severely damaged.

Use A Pry Bar, Tire Spatula, And Screwdriver

Another simple and effective method is to use a pry bar, a tire spatula, and a screwdriver to remove the tire from the rim. Place the tire on a flat surface to prevent it from sinking into the ground.

You use the pry bar and tire spatula to place the connection between the tire and the rim. Then, apply gentle pressure to loosen them, but do not use too much force because the rims will be damaged or scratched.

You can use a wooden hammer to gently tap along the connection between the tire and the wheel, then use your hand to pull the tire off the rim.

Using The Scissor Jack

You also place the rubber tire on a flat surface. Then place a piece of wood underneath it and click the scissors underneath the plank. To perform this process, you must lift the tire, and it will come into contact with some hard surface to push the tire out.

Use the back frame of the lawn mower or some sturdy metal brackets to do this. Press the tire with the bracket and raise the jack by hand or with a dynamic drill. This process may take several times before it succeeds, so please be patient.

Use Tools From Experts

One of the ways to remove a tire from a rim professionally is to use a special tool. This tool is mainly used by professionals when removing difficult tires.

Place the lawn mower tire on a flat and smooth surface. Then you tie the tires and rims with ropes or straps. Next, you stretch the jack, tighten the straps and use the specialized tool to remove the tire.

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Lawn mower tires can often experience problems such as punctures, blowouts, or hard objects stuck in the tires. To remove the tire from the rim, you can do it in 5 simple ways at home.

  • Use your body weight to push the tire off the rim
  • Use wooden planks and vehicles, and avoid driving completely over the tire
  • Plow bar, tire spatula, and screwdriver for tire removal
  • Using the scissor jack
  • Use specialized tools from experts

If you have any questions, leave them below in the comments for everyone to discuss!

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