7 Quick Tips on How To Tell If Beets Are Ripe

Not quite sure how to tell if beets are ripe?

This is a common issue when harvesting beets. Some people can’t easily determine whether the beets they harvest are ripe or not.

Thus, they end up being disappointed with the quality and taste. If you eat it unripe, the flavor is simply not the best. On the other hand, if it is too ripe, the texture is a bit off.

So, if you are looking for tips on picking out the best, juicy, ripe beets, you’ve come to the right place. Today, you’ll learn how to have perfect beets that you’ll absolutely love!

how to tell if beets are ripe

Why Should You Eat Beets Daily?

First things first – what’s good about beets, anyway?

If you are not a big fan of beets, you might change your mind after learning about the health benefits this vegetable offers.

For instance, beets are rich in fiber. They help you to achieve satiety, which promotes healthy weight loss. The fiber in beets is also essential for gut health and detoxification of the body.

Additionally, beets are abundant in vitamin C and antioxidants. These nutrients are ideal for fighting free radicals and boosting your immune system.

With all the nutritional benefits of beets, it only makes sense that you eat them daily. You can easily consume beets as these are versatile vegetables. Simply add beets to your salads, smoothies, desserts, stir-frys and more.

Growing Beets and How to Tell if Beets Are Ripe

If you are interested in growing beets in your garden, you will be pleased to know that they are actually easy to grow.

Generally, beets like the cold. This is why you should grow your crops in the late summer or in the early spring. The cooler the temperature, the better.

You will need to till the soil well and loosen it up before you sow the seeds. Then, be sure to add some compost to provide ample nutrition to the soil that your crops will absorb.

Beets prefer higher phosphorus levels. Make it a point to check the formulation of the compost you use to achieve this goal.

I also recommend that you soak your seeds overnight before planting. This helps to speed up the germination process. Once ready to sow, make sure there is an inch or two spacing between seeds to prevent crowding. Overcrowding prevents beets from producing bulbs.

Lastly, cover with soil and water lightly.

How to Tell if Beets are Ripe – 7 Practical Tips You Should Know

If you are growing your own beets, you may want to check out these 7 tips to know how to tell if beets are ripe. These tips can help you to harvest beets just when they are ready to eat for a fresher, better flavor!

1. Know the perfect timing.

Beets are ready to harvest after 50 to as long as 70 days after sowing the seeds. The length of time depends on the beet variety, so it is best to check for other characteristics.

2. It’s all in the root diameter.

Another tell-tale sign that your beets are ripe is by inspecting the root diameter. You should be able to pick up your beets once the roots have a diameter of 1 up to 3 inches.

3. Check the skin color.

The best, ripe beets are dark in color. If you notice that the skin is still a bit on the lighter side, you may need to wait for a few more days until it darkens.

4. Smaller is better.

I particularly prefer smaller beets as these are more flavorful. The taste is fresher unlike the rather woody flavor that larger beets have.

5. Look for crowns.

Clear the soil away to see the top portion of your beets. When you see some crowns sticking out right on top of the soil line, your beets should be ready to harvest.

6. Wilted leafy greens are better.

It may sound strange but ripe beets often have leafy greens that appear wilted. You will have to check the greens that grow from the head of the beets. If you notice these wilting, you should start pulling your beets out because it’s ready to eat.

7. Smooth and firm beets are the best.

Lastly, check the exterior of the beets. If you notice that the skin is already dark and the surface is smooth and firm, then it is good to go. You can be sure that beets with these features taste fresh and have a juicy quality.

Harvesting beets and knowing whether they are ripe or not can be tricky. However, these tips should help you to know how to tell if beets are ripe and ready to eat. This video also adds in more pieces of information to guide you:

Best Way to Eat Beets

Beets are absolutely delicious vegetables and loaded with nutrients, too.

This is why I recommend that you eat them right away after harvesting or after buying at the store. By doing so, you can take advantage of its freshness and perfect texture.

There are many ways to enjoy beets. You can stir-fry beets and add some other vegetables for a scrumptious side dish.

Additionally, you can eat beets raw and put them in your salads.

Steaming beets is also great, and you can simply season with salt and pepper.

If you prefer a quick and easy beet recipe, just cut up the beets and toss them into your blender. You can throw in the leafy greens, as well, for a highly nutritious and tasty smoothie. The leaves have a slightly bitter taste but you can easily hide it with some bananas or coconut water.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that beets are super nutritious and flavorful.

With all the health benefits you can get from beets, there is no doubt that this is a great vegetable to consume each day.

I hope you were able to learn more about how to tell if beets are ripe to guarantee the finest flavor and texture of this vegetable for your favorite recipes.

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