Mower Bogs Down When Blades Are Engaged

The lawn mower is one of the indispensable machines in every family’s garden. It will help keep your garden clean and tidy and create a beautiful landscape. However, there are many different problems associated with the operation of lawnmowers.

One of the most common problems is that the lawn mower gets bogged down while working. Mower bogs down when blades are engaged – An issue that many gardeners are interested in and find answers to on all forums. Let’s find out more information about the bog state of lawnmowers while working on this article.

Mower Bogs Down When Blades Are Engaged – What Is The Cause?

There are many different causes of your lawn mower getting bogged down even when the blade is engaged and working. Here are some of the common causes of lawnmowers getting bogged down as follows:

  • The lawn mower parts may be dirty or the filter clogged. From there, dirt and small residue can affect the operation of the lawn mower. They also affect the lawn mower’s ability to cool, so it can get bogged down while in operation.
  • Lawnmowers can also get bogged down if the grass is thick and tall. In addition, when you are driving the lawn mower uphill or downhill, it can also get bogged down if there are wrong maneuvers.
  • Low oil levels can also cause the lawn mower to get bogged down. Because the engine will overheat due to constant friction due to lack of lubricant.
  • The spark does not work continuously so the lawn mower does not have constant power. You need to check the spark plugs and electrical system of the lawn mower. Make sure the spark plugs are working properly, the current is maintained, and they are working efficiently.
  • Dirty or splintered blades can also cause the lawn mower to get bogged down. Dirt and debris will clog the filter and cause a lot of problems for the lawn mower.
  • A dirty carburetor can damage the seals or gaskets.
  • Poor fuel quality is also a cause of lawnmowers getting bogged down. Dirty or improper fuel will also clog the lawn mower’s filter.

How To Keep The Lawn Mower From Getting Bogged Down?

Once you know the underlying causes of your lawn mower getting bogged down, you’ll find ways to limit it. Although depending on the frequency of mowing and different types of grass, you can refer to some basic ways below to help your lawn mower avoid getting bogged down.

mower bogs down when blades are engaged

Keep Grass Short With A Stable Height

If you do not mow the lawn regularly, the height of the grass and the height of the engine deck will not correspond. Or if you don’t mow the lawn for a long time, it will get very tall and hard. The solution is that you need to cut the height of the grass slowly instead of cutting it completely short in one cut.

To avoid getting bogged down when mowing tall and thick grass, you need to take some of the following methods.

  • Adjust the lawn mower deck to the appropriate level.
  • Lower the height of the grass slowly after a few cuts.
  • Then you lower the lawn mower deck and make a second and third cut until the height of the grass is at the ideal level.
  • This process needs to be done patiently to prevent the lawn mower from being overworked for a while and the blade from wearing out.

Use A Sharp Blade

For thick and hard yards, the blade is one of the important elements to perform this task. A dull blade cannot cleanly and quickly cut the lawn. So it will leave debris or grass fibers that cause the lawn mower to clog.

Using a sharp blade to mow the lawn will also reduce the risk of disease entering the lawn due to rust or dirt build-up. Manufacturers often recommend that you sharpen the blade every 25 hours of use to mow the lawn. That means if you use it once a week, every two hours, the blade will be sharpened in 12 weeks.

Check The Lawn Mower Spindle

When the main shaft of the lawn mower works, it will pull the operation of other parts such as spark plugs, belts, and wheels… If the main shaft works well, the remaining parts will also perform their duties. However, if the spindle has problems, many other parts will be affected.

Dirt and debris from the grass can clog the spindle and make it difficult to operate. In this case, the lawn mower will not be able to operate regularly and continuously. Moreover, if you do not clean and maintain the spindle, it can wear out and cost a lot to replace. Therefore, you should regularly check the spindle, and use lubricants and specialized cleaning solutions to handle stains.

Adjust Or Replace The Belt

In many cases, a faulty transmission belt will also cause the lawn mower to get bogged down. If the belt has some cracks or is corroded, you should replace it with a new one.

Every lawn mower comes with a belt tensioner. A belt self-tensioner helps maintain constant pressure. As a result, the belt will not slip or loosen. However, the self-tensioner becomes useless when the belt is too old and corroded. If you keep the lawn mower running with worn belts, it may damage the self-tensioner. From there, you will have to replace both the tensioner and the drive belt system.

Check The Governor

If you use a lawn mower that is working in an unreasonable way, the economizer will have problems. If the workload spikes, it opens the throttle. You will find the throttle valve between the throttle assembly and the computer control panel. You will need to clean it if you see dirt, duty junk, or oil build-up. Then you should check all springs to make sure the lawn mower is working.

You should also check the feel of the electronic governor. If the sensor is damaged, you should seek assistance from a professional repair service.

Consider Air Flow And Fuel Flow

Airflow and data flow are two important elements of the breaker. They will directly affect the performance of the air conditioner. The cutter that gets bogged down when the knife is in reverse causes a few problems as follows:

  • Clogged air filter: You can still start the engine if the air filter is rotten or clogged. However, your lawn mower will have to operate under stress despite not being mowed continuously. The cause is less oxygen than is needed for the lawn mower. Therefore, you need to regularly check the filters and clean them to be clean after a long time of use.
  • Clogged fuel filter: It will not be able to supply enough fuel for the air conditioner to function properly. Since then, the lawn mower does not have enough material to move and operate other parts.
  • Outdated Fuel: You should not leave data in the lawn mower tank for more than 30 days. Because it’s already considered a lot of stale data and it will have garbage. From there, we’ll implement the fuel or air filter rule.

Final Conclusion

There are many causes for the lawn mower to go wild during operation such as incorrect operation, the grass being too high and thick, the blade swing is not sharp, the spindle being damaged, the data being low, the spark plug does not work, wire is damaged, corrosion.

To prevent the lawn mower from getting bogged down, you need to regularly check its operation such as protecting the air generator filter, and oil filter, replacing new material after 30 days, lubricating the engine, checking the transmission belt moving…

In particular, lawnmowers also need to be warranted and maintained over time. The durability of the lawn mower will depend on the process of use and guarantee according to the machine’s rating.

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