Where To Place Snake Plant In Feng Shui (Bagua Diagram)

The snake plant is one of the plants that many people love to grow in their homes or office. This plant can survive and adapt to all living conditions, even the harshest.

The snake plant does not require high care techniques or ideal conditions to grow. So you can see them everywhere in homes and offices around the world.

However, have you ever wondered if the snake plant is lucky? Is it suitable for indoor feng shui? If you are a feng shui lover and want to grow a snake plant, you can refer to the feng shui locations in this article.

Is The Snake Plant A Lucky Symbol?

According to feng shui principles, the snake plant is often associated with the element of luck. It also relies on the scientific explanation of how this plant works.

The snake plant is a plant that produces oxygen not only at night but also during the day. Even this process takes place even without photosynthesis. The snake plant is also known for its ability to remove harmful formaldehyde from the air.

The snake plant’s good air filtration will help prevent common factors such as headaches, allergies, dryness, or irritation of the eyes. Therefore, NASA also once considered the snake plant to be one of the plants with the best ability to filter the air.

Moreover, the placement of the snake plant will also carry great meaning in feng shui about luck. When placed in the right place in feng shui, this plant will bring positive energy to the owner. They will shield the homeowner from negativity and bad luck, and bring new hope.

In particular, the snake plant has an upright shape like swords facing the sky. Therefore, they are considered symbols of career growth and advancement. The snake plant also has the meaning of a very woody plant, so it will help the host to cultivate kindness and peace.

where to place snake plant in feng shui

Where To Place Snake Plant In Feng Shui

For the snake plant to make the most of its lucky symbol, you need to place it in feng shui locations in your home or office. Some locations in the house that are suitable for feng shui are positions in the Bagua diagram.

The Bagua is the energy map of the space in your home and is related to the positive and negative aspects of each person’s life. So, according to feng shui principles, the right placement of bonsai can help homeowners attract good luck in the future.

Here are some positions and principles that you need to follow to place the snake plant in a feng shui position.

Workroom And Office

According to the principles of feng shui, you can completely place the snake plant in your home office or office at the company. This plant can help you reduce stress and focus on work better.

You can put the potted plant on the desk, bookshelf, window, or anywhere to have good progress in work and a refreshing spirit.

Houses In The Southern Area

The house or office in the south direction is the year in the Fire element of feng shui. So, if you place a snake plant in these rooms, the amount of Fire will be increased. The implication of this is that it will help the homeowner increase courage and make more informed decisions.

You should avoid placing the snake plant in the southwest area of ​​the house because according to feng shui principles this is the direction that will bring negativity and trouble to the homeowner. Especially, when your snake plant is more than 1 meter tall, place them away from this direction to avoid bad luck.

Living Room And Entrance Hall

The hallway and living room are the places that bring energy into the house every time you enter house. These are two very suitable locations to place bonsai in feng shui. You can place the snake plant on a windowsill in the entryway, on a table in the living room, on a shelf, or around the corner.

Southeast And East House

In feng shui theory, houses facing east and southeast have the Wood element. So, when you place the snake plant in these directions, it will help you improve the energy of the house.

Growing snake plants in these areas will help you have more positive energy, creativity, and mental clarity. However, you should also not place a snake plant that is too large or too high because it will make the house more cramped and oppressive.

Dining Room

Feng shui experts believe that placing a potted snake plant in the dining room can bring wealth and prosperity to the entire house. Certain species of flowering and fruiting plants are also recommended to be placed in the dining room as it symbolizes abundance and rotation.

Some areas you can plant this plant like on the table, shelf, or corner of the house. A small snake plant is more suitable to decorate the table and watch during every meal.


Placing bonsai in the bedroom can be a controversial question in feng shui circles. Many people think that you should not put bonsai in the bedroom because it harms human sleep.

However, most feng shui experts believe that placing bonsai in the bedroom brings more benefits. In particular, plants like the snake plant can produce oxygen during the day and at night. It is very suitable to help the host have a good night’s sleep, relax the spirit and cultivate kindness.

Things To Avoid When Placing Snake Plants In The House

There are a few things you need to avoid when placing a snake plant in your home or office to avoid bringing negative things like fake or dead plants.

Fake snake plant: Many people think that using a fake snake plant can save a lot of money and time in care and still be suitable for feng shui. However, fake plants are not considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the home. Because they cannot create positive vibrations and alignment with the surrounding things such as wind, light, and the life of the house.

Dead snake plant: Any dead plant in the house will not bring good luck to the homeowner. Death and doom always bring negative energies. Make sure your snake plant stays healthy and alive to bring positive energy to family members.

How To Make The Snake Plant Have A Shape Suitable For Feng Shui?

Snake plants are shaped like arrows or spears pointing to the sky. Therefore, it carries the meaning of growth and sublimation in life and work. The leaves are large, strong, succulent, and point upward, indicating the grower’s longing for life and strong will for a better future.

For the snake plant to always have large and upward leaves, you need a good care regimen. In addition to the usual care such as watering, fertilizing, and killing bugs and insects, you need to fix the plant and increase the light.

You can use bamboo or wooden stakes to secure the entire leaf to the center area of ​​the pot. Then, light the top lamp to stimulate the leaves towards the light. After a while, once your snake plant is fixed to an upright position, you can remove the bamboo or wooden stake.


The snake plant is one of the plants with good meanings in feng shui. Homeowners will feel a lot of positive energy and mental comfort when growing this plant in the house.

Place your snake plant in general positions in the feng shui diagram for the best effect. Some suitable locations such as the office, hallway, living room, dining room, bedroom, and rooms in the south, southeast, and east directions.

Do not place a fake or dead snake plant in your home as it has a negative connotation in feng shui. Take care of your snake plant to stay healthy and full of life to bring good luck to yourself and your home.

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