Best Plant-Care Apps You Must Download

We learn about the benefits of plants at an early age. Science classes from pre-school through high school often discuss why it is so important for the world today to aid the survival of plants. Yet, it is rarely discussed what benefits plants can bring to a home. Yes, we are referring to indoor plants. Did you know that indoor plants offer many benefits beyond just brightening and livening up your home? Most likely, you do. Indoor plants are usually talked about for their health benefits.

Having indoor plants around can help us deal with stress or improve our mood. However, we do not suggest juicing, eating or drinking them. The benefits of being surrounded by plants and nature have been proven on numerous occasions, and we do not just mean living in a cabin out in the country.

 Your mind and body can benefit from keeping a few indoor plants. In addition, it has been proven many times that the absence of stress strengthens your immune system, which explains why gardeners tend to be less stressed and tense. 

Best Plant-Care Apps You Must Download

Have you ever noticed that most hospitals and other health facilities are situated in natural settings? Additionally, most of them keep plants in the patient’s rooms. There is a reason for this. Research published in the early 2000s showed that people recovering from mild illnesses and surgery who were surrounded by plants needed fewer analgesics and recovered faster than people who weren’t surrounded by plants.

Hence proved, we all should keep lots and lots of indoor and outdoor plants. But keeping them means you have to take care of them, too. Luckily, we have got apps that will do the job for you. What are these apps? Well, keep reading to find out. 

But before that, make sure that you have a good internet connection with decent speed tiers. You do not have to go for an expensive one, a reasonable connection like Spectrum Internet or whatever is available in your region with good reviews will do the job. 

On that happy note, below are the best plant care apps everyone must have on their smartphones:


This app provides plant parents with the tools they need to grow and care for their plants with confidence. There is a range of features included, such as plant care information, identification of plants, identification of diseases, care reminders, a virtual care assistant, a water calculator, and guides for growing edible plants. 

There is also a botanist hotline, customized weather alerts, and personal plant collections available. Botanists can also consult with users through the app. Premium features include unlimited plant identification, unlimited reminders, and unlimited botany consultations.


The app is perfect for gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, allowing users to identify any plant they encounter using an iPhone or iPad camera. There is no doubt that the app’s plant recognition technology is one of its best features. 

PlantSnap explains clearly how the camera should be positioned for best results to users. If you want to capture a picture of a whole tree, you can’t capture multiple plants in a single frame. To analyze an image accurately, PlantSnap requires close-up and clutter-free snaps.

You can crop and zoom in on an image once you’ve taken a picture of a plant to see it clearly. Afterward, the app does its magic. As soon as you snap a picture, PlantSnap analyzes it to find the most likely plant while providing some general information about the species. 

Nevertheless, PlantSnap goes beyond plant identification. There is also an Explore section that lists trending plant species. Here, you will find information about individual plants, as well as advice on how to care for them. 

Moon & Garden 

This one id our favorite. Using biodynamic principles, the app gives organic gardeners advice based on the moon’s influence. With its lunar gardening calendar, you can determine when to sow, repot, transplant, and harvest your plants. As well as displaying the moon phase and zodiac sign, the app also gives a weather forecast, notes, pictures, reminders, and a feature that lets you share pictures with your friends.


You might have heard about this one quite often. The app helps users maintain their plants. Over 5 million users and 25 million plants use Planta, which means it has great followers. This app offers tools for maintaining healthy plants like smart care reminders, plant identification, and light meters. There are also step-by-step guides, plant recommendations, and a plant journal. The Premium Plant package includes additional features such as Dr. Plant, which diagnoses and treats sick plants.

Wrapping Up

 This list of best apps to identify plants will definitely help you become an expert if you are an avid plant parent or a hobbyist. Additionally, you will be able to take better care of your plants with these amazing apps. We hope you found this article useful. Let us know in the comments what you think.


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