Can Elephant Ears Grow in Water? How to Grow Them

Do you know about Elephant ears? This is also known as Colocasia, a tropical plant that grows from rooted plants or tubers. They are known for their large heart-shaped leaves that grow on 3-foot leaf stalks or petiole, with colors ranging from purplish-black, green, or even white variegated.

Because of their hardy root system, they are great landscape plants when in, around, or near water areas of the garden. This fact has people wonder, ‘can elephant ears grow in water?’

I tackle this question to help you learn how to grow elephant ears successfully, so read on!

can elephant ears grow in water

Can Elephant Ears Grow in Water?

Yes, Elephant ears can grow in water. In fact, you can see these big leaves in water gardens, swamps, and marshes. This is why they’ll be great pond plants, especially since they need a lot of water.

If you plan to have your Elephant ear plants propagated, it’s possible provided that they are potted in shallow water. If so, then you’ll benefit from mulching. Afterward, you can sink the pots to the rim in ponds, where they can further grow.

Just be sure that the pond you place it in is appropriately-sized and can accommodate the large plants. If not, consider growing the plants on a big container, pot, or larger land.

Here are a few tips to follow when growing Elephant ears in water:

  • Start your taro tubers indoors in March, then remove the plant from the pot 8 weeks after starting on the tubers. You can then remove the pot come late summer to early fall, repotting it come March, and beginning the growth again.
  • When you start the taro tubers, you need to bury them 3 inches into a pot with potting soil, keeping them in a warm area for sprouting. Water daily until the water will run out of drainage holes. Empty the water in the saucer to prevent the roots from sitting in stagnant water.
  • When sprouts appear, place them in an area with indirect lighting, as they grow best in semi-shade locations. It’s best to fertilize them with slow-release fertilizer during this time.
  • When submerging the plant in a pond, do so at an angle for the bubbles to escape. It should be only partially submerged.

Wrapping It Up

Elephant ears look amazing and add drama to gardens, having the unique shape and decorative colors made for homes with a tropic touch. Fortunately, caring for them is easy, and you’re able to grow them in water with it still growing well and looking great. Of course, you’ll still need to provide proper care and nourishment, but at least knowing where they can grow is a start!

I hope that this article answered your question, ‘can Elephant ears grow in water?’ Now that you know the answer, make sure that you follow these quick tips to grow Elephant ears properly for your home!

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