Can You Grow Spinach Indoors? The Answers Here!

Spinach is such a healthy and delicious vegetable that can be used in many dishes, whether raw or cooked. They are also fairly easy to grow and are a great plant to care for!

However, you might be short of space in your outdoor garden, or certain circumstances don’t permit you to grow spinach outside. This has many people wondering, ‘can you grow spinach indoors?’

YES, it is possible! Read on as this article explains the wonders of growing this crop indoors.

can you grow spinach indoors

Can You Grow Spinach Indoors?

As mentioned, it is possible to grow spinach indoors. In fact, it’s the ideal crop to grow in containers in the house, provided that you give it the proper care and nutrients it needs. Just like most vegetables, spinach can grow indoors well, and you can reap the benefits spinach offers as you can harvest its leaves for consumption.

Take note that these plants would stay small in the container, though they will continue growing to produce numerous harvests. It is a cool-season crop that can adapt to the indoor growing conditions well, along with the cool winter season and air-conditioned summertime. This is thanks to its smaller size and need for cool temperatures, making it a good addition to your indoor garden.

Besides spinach, you can also grow other vegetables indoors, such as:

However, take note that these are trees and will take up a bit more space, having different caring requirements than spinach! But it’s still worth taking note of if you want to grow more fruits and vegetables in your house.

Why Grow Spinach Indoors?

So, why is it more beneficial to grow your spinach indoors in a pot or container? This is because you can harvest the leaves for yourself instead of having to share with other insects that eat the greens before getting to them.

Furthermore, growing this in pots can thwart nematodes, among other soil-borne pests and diseases. It’s also very accessible, as you can grow it by the window sill, outside your kitchen door, the balcony, or wherever is by good sunlight and humidity. This makes it easier for you to go to the plant for care and harvesting, which is fairly easy considering how they easily adapt to cool zones and can be moved around without hassle.

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Quick Tips to Grow Spinach Indoors

Baby spinach in the garden

Now that you know that it’s possible to grow spinach indoors, how can you grow it properly? Here are a few tips to follow:

  • You can grow spinach indoors through seed or starts, just be sure that you select a variety that suits well with your current weather. When container planting your spinach, do so in pots that are about 6-12 inches across in soil, which should be amended in good compost. The soil pH levels should be around 6.0 to 7.0.
  • You may plant spinach on its own or with other plants that have similar care requirements, like marigolds and petunias.
  • The spinach plant will need consistent moisture, requiring frequent watering when you see that the soil has dried out. Pot-grown plants tend to dry out quicker compared to being in a garden, so check the soil every few days.
  • Besides requiring water, spinach plants are heavy feeders, needing commercial food with a lot of nitrogen. You may also use compost containing organic fish emulsion and/or cottonseed meal. Incorporate the fertilizer in its soil before planting and feed the plant after it has thinned, then again through side-dressing.
  • As mentioned spinach is hardy but grows best in cooler temperatures. It can survive temperatures as low as 20 degrees or up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit but avoid putting it in such distress. Keep it in the middle, at least 50 degrees and never beyond 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Be patient! It can take about 30-50 days before you are able to harvest any leaves. To know when spinach is ready for harvesting, measure its leaves. If they have grown at least 3 inches, they are ready to harvest.

Wrapping It Up

Spinach holds a ton of excellent health benefits, from its many nutrients and versatility in the kitchen, down to how easy it is to care for. This is why you may want to consider adding this crop to your indoor garden, so you can get a bountiful harvest and enjoy spinach all year long. Of course, they do require special care, but not to worry, you won’t be spending a ton of effort on it as you’d presume.

If you plan on growing spinach, take this information into consideration and follow the tips above for more success. Good luck and happy gardening!

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