Is Mushroom In Zoysia Grass Good Or Bad?

The phenomenon of mushrooms growing in the Zoysia lawn is not an uncommon phenomenon. On the contrary, you can see it on any lawn.

However, the number of mushrooms in each lawn is different and depends on the nutrient composition of the soil.

Many gardeners wonder if it is good or bad for mushrooms to appear in Zoysia lawns. Do they change or disrupt the structure of the lawn?

Many people are concerned about the appearance of mushrooms on the lawn and how to get rid of them without affecting the growth of Zoysia grass.

Is mushroom in Zoysia grass good or bad? Join us to find the answer in the article below.

Is Mushroom In Zoysia Grass Good Or Bad?

Mushrooms appearing on Zoysia lawns are a good thing!

Why is the appearance of mushrooms a positive sign for the lawn? This is probably the question many people are asking right now.

The appearance of mushrooms is an indication of soil rich in nutrients. Soil can contain billions of beneficial bacteria, molds, protozoa, nematodes, and earthworms.

mushrooms in zoysia grass

The presence of mushrooms proves that it is soil with beneficial microorganisms that are acting as a necessary part of the ecology of the lawn.

Mushrooms are grown from organic compounds that come from trees or bushes. Decomposed organic matter such as roots, stumps, leaves, humus layer, and humus branches is the ideal environment for fungi to grow.

The mushroom produces a powerful enzyme and can break down hard compounds like animal bones and wood. So the appearance of mushrooms on the Zoysia lawn is not a negative thing.

On the contrary, it is a sign of an area of ​​soil that has many beneficial microorganisms active within.

How To Remove The Mushroom From The Lawn?

Mushrooms may not be harmful to your lawn, but some mushrooms are poisonous. They can affect the health of animals and children if handled or eaten.

So getting rid of the mushroom will help keep animals and children safe as well as create the perfect lawn landscape. If you don’t want to get rid of these mushrooms, it won’t affect the ecology of the lawn either.

Normally, mushrooms will grow from decaying woody stems, so you need to remove organic matter, humus, or animal bones from the lawn.

In addition, you can see the mushroom often appearing in wet weather conditions. Increased soil moisture and environment will stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil to thrive.

To limit the growth of mushrooms, you need to check the moisture in the soil and avoid getting too wet as well as remove the humus layer around the grass bushes.

The time the mushrooms grow and disappear is also very fast, so you do not need to destroy them, they will also disappear quickly.

A simple way to kill mushrooms is that you can pull them out easily by hand because they are very fragile. Don’t forget to wear gloves to avoid poisonous mushrooms.

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Should Mushrooms Be Killed With A Fungicide?

As you know, the mushroom is a sign of beneficial microorganisms active in the soil. This is completely beneficial for Zoysia grass to grow and create a balanced ecosystem for the lawn.

The use of fungicides can cause serious harm to Zoysia grass. Fungicides will kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil and cause beneficial bacteria in the soil to suddenly disappear.

This sudden disappearance will also seriously affect the grass bushes when beneficial microorganisms are inactive, making the soil sticky and poor in nutrients.

Usually, mushroom occurs only in small numbers and in areas with a lot of organic matter such as humus or wood.

You just need to remove the organic matter or the mushroom will disappear on its own in a very short time.

Perform regular lawn cleaning, removing layers of hummus or decomposing leaves in wet conditions near the grass base to limit mushroom growth.

If the number of mushrooms appearing on the lawn is too much, you can ask for advice on how to treat mushrooms from the experts before using a fungicide.

How To Distinguish Whether A Mushroom Is Poisonous Or Not?

In each area, depending on the weather, the quality of the soil as well as the seeds of the mushroom being dispersed in the air by the wind. So, it is not easy to determine whether the mushroom is poisonous or not.

Until now, it was extremely rare to find deadly poisonous mushrooms on lawns. However, for the safety of humans and pets, you should not eat these mushrooms.

You also need expert testing to determine if the mushrooms in your lawn are poisonous and allow them to grow freely.


The appearance of mushrooms on the lawn is not a negative sign. On the contrary, this is a good sign of an active soil with beneficial microorganisms.

You don’t need to use fungicides to kill them as this can disrupt the ecology of the entire lawn. You just need to remove the rotten wood, and organic humus layer to limit the appearance of mushrooms.

Don’t forget to check if the mushrooms are poisonous and always use gloves when removing them to avoid harmful bacteria.

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