Top 10 Best Plants For Self Watering Pots

You may be wondering about the best plants for self watering pots.

Self watering pots offer convenience when you have barely any time to water your plants. Maybe you are a busy person, yet at the same time would like to keep plants.

But then, the last thing you want is to underwater or skip your watering schedules.

Whether you are busy or just simply occasionally forgetful when it comes to watering plants, these best plants to keep for your self-watering pot are great options to consider.

Take a look at these plants and why these are great for you!

Best Plants For Self-Watering Pots

best plants for self watering pots

Check out the following plants you should consider planting in a self watering pot. Here they are.

1. Peace Lilies

If you are a huge fan of lilies but are afraid that you cannot help them to thrive, then Peace Lilies are perfect for you. They are great at staying hydrated with the help of a self-watering pot. As these plants need moist and humid soil, then you should consider planting them in a self-watering pot to achieve all of these conditions.

Just fill the water reservoir to the top to make sure your plant gets ample water. Then, be sure that the soil is completely dry just before you refill your pot, and it should be good to go.

2. African Violets

A lovely addition to your home, African Violets thrive when watered properly. They need to have the bottom-up watered since the crown region tends to rot quickly when you water the top so much.

You should consider using distilled water for your self-watering pot to help ensure the health of your African Violet. But if you wish to remove those nasty dust particles on the leaves, then you can simply spray the top with water.

3. Fiber Optic

This is a fascinating plant that can grow well in a self watering pot. It is even a semi-aquatic type of plant, which means it could use a good amount of water to ensure its health. This is why you can typically see this plant in a water garden.

Additionally, you should give it ample moisture. Thus, you should fill the reservoir of the self watering pot to the top. Never let the soil dry or the leaves will wilt.

4. Pothos

pothos self watering pots

We highly recommend the Pothos for your self-watering pot for a number of reasons. For instance, the planter is capable of avoiding root rots, which is why you could definitely plant your Pothos since it has delicate roots that can rot due to overwatering or lack of water.

Moreover, self-watering pots can prevent the plant from getting fungal infections that will eventually cause the leaves to wilt. When you have a self-watering pot, the soil maintains the desirable level of moisture and humidity conducive to the plant’s growth.

5. Umbrella Palm

Another plant that needs plenty of water, the Umbrella Palm is also semi-aquatic, which is why it needs to be replenished often. It also grows mostly in water, so you must consider filling the reservoir and refilling it on a regular basis.

You want the roots to have moisture and stay wet, yet not overly watered. Otherwise, with very dry or soaking wet roots, the plant may suffer from root rot. Dehydration is a common issue with Umbrella Palms, which you can observe with brown spots on the tips of its leaves.

6. Selaginella

When your home has ample humidity, then you could definitely plant Selaginella well. These plants require lots of moisture to prevent it from wilting and dying. With the uprooting that occurs, the plant may perish because of it being dehydrated.

You simply need to provide sufficient water to help it recover from dehydration. This is why it can grow well in a self-watering pot.

7. Fern

Another moisture-hungry plant is the fern. Give it the right level of humidity and moisture, and this plant will become a beauty. This is why they do well in a self-watering pot – you can never go wrong with the watering process.

When you notice the leaves drying up or turning yellow, it means the plant is underwatered. However, if the roots are rotting and the leaves are yellow, it means you have overwatered your fern. When placed in a self-watering pot, you can prevent either one of these problems.

8. Cherry Tomatoes

When placed in a big pot, cherry tomatoes can grow well, especially when there is ample water. This is why they should do well in a self-watering pot. They could get better yield when the amount of water given to them is of higher quality and quantity.

On the other hand, underwatering cherry tomatoes will cause the blossom to rot. Split tomatoes may also occur because of this. But when you overwater, the same thing can happen, too. This is why it is good to give this plant a steady amount of nutrients and water, as long as it is not overly damp.

9. Basil

basil self-watering pot

A great addition to your dishes, basil is perfect for your self-watering pot. It thrives in a hot and dry climate and not exactly when it is cold. You should also make sure it gets warmth and sunlight at an optimal rate, so it could grow well.

If you plant to grow your basil indoors, be sure to place it close to your windowsill or right underneath a fluorescent light. This way, it will thrive in such a favorable condition.

10. Pitcher Plants

And lastly, we have the pitcher plants. These plants need ample care and attention for them to grow well. Moreover, they need the right drainage facility to thrive. In addition to all of these, you need to give them a good amount of water.

Hence, you should definitely consider providing them with self-watering pots. This is particularly true if you are growing your plant in a warmer climate. Keep the reservoir filled up each morning to give your plant ample water supply. There are those who set up an automatic watering system, which works well for self-watering containers.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the best plants for self watering pots. By providing them with a steady supply of water and moisture that they need, you can ensure the health of these plants and help them to thrive well.

So, even if you are busy and have little time to water your plants everyday, you can never forget to take care of these plants as the pot will do the watering for you!

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