Can You Mix Zoysia And Centipede? Important Things You Should Know

I have had some people ask me this question – can you mix zoysia and centipede?

Perhaps you are planning on setting up a lawn, or you want to add more types of grass in your garden. If you are looking to have these grass types together, then you may want to consider learning more about each – and whether it is a good idea to have them both in your lawn or not.

Both have their unique features, yet there are some things to consider before planting them. Let’s go ahead and check out these qualities for you to keep in mind.

Can You Mix Zoysia And Centipede – Know The Difference

First, let us talk about each of these types of grass.

Zoysia is generally low-maintenance. But when the warm season comes, they tend to be aggressive, just like the centipede. This is why it is best to consider this quality before planting it in your garden.

For instance, Zoysia can choke out the centipede because of the former’s deeper root system. The tolerance level to drought is also quite higher, this is why it is one thing to consider.

This type of grass is a warm-season kind of grass. They can also tolerate drought better, yet it cannot thrive in the winter months. The only exception is when it is only cool weather and minimal frost – as long as it is not freezing.

The root system is deep and thick. This is what allows it to survive even the drought. But when dry spells come, it ends up going dormant, which is why special irrigation is required to keep it green.

As for the centipede grass, it thrives in the southeast region. This is also a warm season kind of grass and can tolerate heat. During drought, however, it can struggle.

What’s good about the centipede grass is that it does not require special fertilization, irrigation and mowing. Just be sure the average temperatures and soil conditions are within optimal ranges, so it can thrive.

Also, it is not suitable for alkaline soils or salty soils. Never plant it in a dry climate or during winter as centipede grass can be vulnerable and sensitive to frost damage.

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can you mix zoysia and centipede

What Happens When You Mix Zoysia And Centipede

Centipedes hardly ever become dormant. This Is why all you need is to spray some herbicide (non-selective) over your lawn. This is what you do when the zoysia appears dormant, yet the centipede grass is still green.

If you see an invasion of centipede grass in a lawn full of zoysia, just spray the patches with a non-selective herbicide. This should help provide a bare spot where you can allow the zoysia to fill in quickly.

Another thing you can do is to mow the zoysia to about 1 inch short. As for centipede grass, this thrives at a length of 2 inches. This is why you should consider a lower height when moving them to slow the growth down and allow the zoysia to take over.

When you increase the acidic soil’s pH level, this helps the zoysia to thrive. On the other hand, centipede only requires a lower pH level up to 4.5. When it gets higher, an iron deficiency issue may occur.

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Letting Centipede Grass Overtake Zoysia

Let’s say you would rather have more centipede than zoysia in your lawn. In this case, there are a few things you can do.

Mow centipede grass at 2 to 2.5 inches long, which will then cause the small zoysia runners to get more shade until the former takes over. If you allow the centipede to become dormant, zoysia may end up taking over because its root system is deeper.

You can also aerate and topdress every spring using sandy and loose compost. This way, centipede grass can grow better as this is a suitable topsoil for it.

In the drier summer months, the zoysia can thrive well. The same goes with the centipede grass, but it would need supplemental irrigation, as well as some soil modifications to support its delicate root system.

This is why it is typical for the zoysia to choke out your centipede grass because of the hotter and drier climate.

As for the centipede grass, it needs more moisture to ensure a more active growth. Without the required moisture level, it may wilt as it fails to compete with your zoysia’s health.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the answer is yes – you can mix zoysia and centipede grass in your lawn. However, if you prefer to have one over the other, there are some special techniques you need to do.

We hope this helped to shed light on how to care for these types of grass and how to get one type to thrive more than the other – depending on what you prefer for your lawn.

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