Do Lawn Mower Spindles Come Greased? (How Often)

As with any kind of garden machinery, equipment maintenance is one of the top priorities to maintain the useful life of the machinery. One of the garden equipment that many people are interested in is the lawn mower. Therefore, many gardeners are very interested in the maintenance of lawn mower spindles. Do lawn mower spindles come greased?

As you know, lawn mower spindles are an important part of a lawn mower. The job of this unit is to hold the blades while they rotate to mow the lawn. Therefore, you need to service this part more often than other parts of the lawn mower. However, regarding this issue, many gardeners still have conflicting arguments. Join us to find the answer in this article.

Do Lawn Mower Spindles Come Greased?

Before answering this question, we need to understand the opposing opinions to get the most accurate information. Currently, there are many misconceptions about this problem. So, many people still mistakenly believe that causing the lawn mower to fail faster.

Controversial Opinions

Now, a lot of gardeners think we should lubricate the lawn mower shaft every few years. The purpose of lawn mower shaft lubrication is to keep them running smoothly during work. You must clean and lubricate the lawn mower’s rotating shaft to avoid excessive rubbing and damage caused by direct impact of the blades.

However, many other gardeners still have many questions about this issue. Is lubricating lawn mower spindles necessary? The reason is that each lawn mower will have a certain amount of grease added to the storage compartment during production at the factory.

The Practical Theory Of Lawn Mower

In the theory of lawnmowers, rotating shafts usually have a large cavity inside to store lubricant. However, above the rotating shafts are small metal fittings called zerks. Normally, these fittings are sealed. So, it is very difficult for lubricants to penetrate inside when we pump them from the outside. Even when you inject a large amount of lubricant into the cavity, it will flow outside and cannot enter the bearing.

Usually, if the seals are not sealed, which is the case with parts such as the suspension, ball joints, and shaft bushings, you can add more lubricant until the oil comes out. As for the lawn mower’s rotating shaft, it is a waste to inject large amounts of lubricant into the shaft until it flows out.

If you hear about the constant injection of lubricant into the lawn mower’s rotating shaft, this could be some sort of media ploy. However, lubricating the lawn mower’s rotating shaft will work to protect the bare part of the spindle from rust and retain moisture. At the same time, the lubricants will reduce friction and pressure on the lawn mower under extreme weather conditions.

Therefore, you should still inject lubricant into the lawn mower’s rotating shaft a few times a year depending on the actual frequency of use. However, you do not need to pump a large amount because it only works for external protection such as preventing rust, keeping the moisture, or removing harmful deposits from the engine.

do lawn mower spindles come greased

How Often Should I Inject Oil To Mower Spindles?

How often to lubricate your lawn mower’s rotating shaft will depend on how often you use your lawn mower and the type of lawn mower you own. You don’t need to lubricate your lawn mower spindles as often as many gardeners think. Once a month is a reasonable frequency to keep your lawn mower rotating shaft protected from rust and running smoothly. Even if you use the mower frequently.

However, if you only mow the lawn occasionally, you may have to grease the crankshaft less often. Finally, it is important to monitor the operating condition of the breaker. Ensure that you properly lubricate all moving parts. If you regularly observe and maintain it on time, you can prolong the life of your lawn mower and keep it running smoothly.

If your lawn mower makes a loud noise while running, it’s time to get it serviced right away. The squealing sound of a lawn mower means that they have completely run out of lubricant. At that time, the parts will collide with each other, creating a large frictional force and emitting a shrill sound. If you do not do maintenance in time such as oiling or injecting oil into the bearing, the engine can stop working at any time.

How Do I Grease My Mower Spindles?

The purpose of lubricating cutters’ rotating shafts is to keep them lubricated and operating smoothly. Over time, the rotating shafts can dry out and wear out. So it will affect the performance and working quality of the lawn mower. Lubricating the lawn mower’s rotating shafts is a simple process and takes only a few minutes. Most lawnmowers have a grease coupling located on the spindle. And all you need is a can of grease and a grease gun.

Many gardeners are frequently concerned with the question of how much oil is enough to lubricate the lawn mower’s rotating shaft. One of the most common mistakes people make is pumping lubricants until they run out or pumping with a large amount of oil.

Contrary to this popular belief, grease is not the primary source needed to keep a lawn mower’s spindle running properly. Many gardeners may recommend filling the jar until the oil drains out. However, this is extremely damaging to the bearings inside the main shaft. Filling the spindle with grease runs the risk of damaging the washers and causing an oil burn. Therefore, you should not inject large amounts of oil directly into the rotary shaft of the lawn mower.

Inside the lawn mower’s rotating shaft there are two bearings responsible for the rotation. You will add grease to the center gasket. For maximum efficiency, you need to lubricate the bearings behind their washers. Grease applied with a grease gun will not lubricate these parts. Ultimately, the true life of the rotating shafts depends on how you use them, the quality of the bearing, and the proper lubrication underneath the washers.

If you want to properly lubricate the lawn mower spindles, you need to prepare a grease cartridge and a grease gun. Most lawnmowers have grese joints located on the rotating shafts. You only need to use the grease gun on the coupling and pump the grease in a couple of times. Wipe off excess grease to prevent oil from leaking out and being unsanitary. The frequency of lubrication for the lawn mower’s rotating shaft is about once a month or several times a year. In particular, you can lubricate the lawn mower in winter to protect the outer part of the rotating shaft.


You should lubricate the lawn mower’s rotating shaft a few times a year or once a month. However, it will also depend on how often you use your lawn mower. Lubricating the lawn mower will help protect the body from rust, retain moisture and help the engine run more smoothly. At the same time, proper lubrication of the rotating shaft will also help increase the life of the lawn mower.

However, you should lubricate properly by injecting oil into the gaskets instead of injecting it directly into the shaft. Because the shaft will be sealed, the oil will not be able to get in by pumping directly from the outside. What’s more, you only need to pump a small amount of oil, no need to pump a large amount of oil until it flows out.

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