Prayer Plant Flowering Good Or Bad? Tips To Help Plants Bloom

Prayer (Maranta leuconeura) is native to the tropics. They require simple care even if you grow them indoors. With their vibrant foliage, they appeal to all gardeners.

During long-term care, you wonder about prayer plant flowering good or bad. Their flowers are small and fragile with purple or white colors. In spring or summer, the flowers race to grow.

So, is the care for the plant to flower good or bad? Should the Prayer plant be encouraged to flower or not? Why should I care about this plant’s flowering time? Let’s learn the basic care tips to answer this question.

Prayer Plant Flowering Good Or Bad?

The indoor environment is not ideal for prayer to bloom. When the plant blooms, although it is not harmful, it can inhibit the growth of the plant. Pay attention to this process to make the right choice for prayer care.

Spring and summer are the best times for many varieties to bloom. If you take care of the prayer plant properly, it will bloom until the fall with many flowers of different sizes and colors. In addition, you do not need to worry when prayer does not bloom. They need medium and long enough growing time to flower. Therefore, observe the flowering process to make the right choice for each growth stage of the plant.

Prayer flowering can affect the rate of leaf growth. The leaves yellow quickly. Even so, the beautiful flowers will surprise you. You will love this natural process of growth and admire the flowering period of the plant. They will not affect vitality if you take good care of them.

However, you should not stimulate this plant to flower early with the use of growth drugs or pruning. The stimulation of early flowering will inhibit the growth rate, height and number of branches and leaves of plants. Because when plants flower, they focus all their energy on flowers and not enough energy on new leaves or new stems.

In particular, many gardeners tend to prune regularly to encourage prayer plants to flower. However, pruning at the wrong time will cause plants to consume a lot of energy and affect the maturation process of plants. You should only prune old, yellow leaves or damaged branches while the plant is in its growing season. Let prayer plants flower when they are mature and at the right time.

What Does The Flower Of Prayer Look Like?

Is it possible to prevent the bloom process? In the stem position, the prayer flowers grow symmetrically in white or purple color. Small flowers adorn the background of the leaves. With some flowers of the prayer line, they can give off a gentle scent.

During flowering, the flowers fade and fall to be replaced by new flowers within months. Depending on the health of the plant, the flowers vary in size. With older plants, flowers and flowering time are both better than with young plants.

If you don’t want prayer to flower, you can channel your energy into the growth of the leaves. Prune the tree or trunk regularly to create new shoots. The growth of the buds and leaves makes it impossible for prayer to flower for a long time. However, gardeners have always loved natural growth. And watching flower prayer is also one of the special options that you can hardly miss.

prayer plant flowering good or bad

How Does Prayer Flower And Produce Seeds?

Prayer plant grows well in the environment of tropical regions. The planting location should be protected from direct sunlight because the plant can burn leaves or fade leaves. Create the perfect growing environment for your plants with adequate indirect light.

In addition, prayer needs enough moisture for the plant to develop buds and flowers. If the environment is dry, you should check the humidity and purchase a humidifier for the plant.

Use diluted fertilizers to create the nutrients needed for the flowering stage of the plant. When the plant blooms, you can pay attention to the seed-making process and collect them for propagation. However, the process of collecting healthy seeds is harder than ever. Therefore, you can pay attention to the technique of cuttings to create a more efficient yield.

How To Take Care Of Prayer And Some Important Notes

Plant prayer with well-drained soil, high humidity, minimal indirect light, and the right temperature. Observe the growth rate of the tree to apply nutrients at least 2 times a year. Prayer can grow for decades with proper care.

The leaves of prayer lie flat during the day and fold at night. This special feature attracts the attention of many gardeners. This is also one of the circadian rhythms between day and night. This natural process is called nyctinasty.

With some of the above characteristics, prayer is suitable for growing indoors with indirect light conditions. There are at least 40 different species of prayer. They have a beautiful variety of blue or purple colors.

Prune prayer with old foliage so that the plant will thrive in the next growing period with new young shoots. This activity is also very important. Use sterilized sharp scissors so as not to make the plant sick.

Prayer may experience some diseases such as leaf spots, yellow leaves, pests, and aphids… due to high soil moisture or lack of water and the environment is not suitable for the development of new leaves and buds. Therefore, check this process again when you see any of these signs appear.

You should also care about the nutrition of the soil with the right regimen and type of fertilizer for this journey. Many gardeners do not care about the number of nutrients in the soil. Plants will not be able to grow well even without resistance to pests.


Be the wise decision maker to let prayer flower or not. This does not adversely affect the plant, it even shows that your tree is growing extremely healthy. See flowers of different sizes and colors to see the magic of nature.

Normally, prayer plants need a long time to grow and develop before they flower. So flowering may not harm plants but may inhibit plant growth. You don’t need to stimulate prayer plants to flower early with growth drugs or pruning. Because they need time to fully develop parts before blooming. Stimulating plants to bloom early will affect the height and number of flowers during maturation.

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