How Long Do Potted Calla Lilies Last?

Calla lilies are gracefully shaped and absolutely beautiful flowers, and they are always sought after for special occasions. Many gardeners grow them indoors as well to beautify any room. These lilies have timeless blooms and vast history, being tied to Greek and Roman mythology!

This is why I’m sure many of you are here because you’d like to grow one. However, beginners and even experienced gardeners that haven’t handled Calla lilies yet have some questions. One of them, being: How long do potted calla lilies last?

Are these flowers blooming throughout the year, do they die back, or do they have a limited lifespan after a certain number of years? Read on to find out!

how long do potted calla lilies last

How Long Do Potted Calla Lilies Last?

Calla lilies are native to Africa and would also grow in other tropical climates. They may also be considered invasive in Western Australia and the southern USA. It has blooms of various colors, ranging from white and pale pink to a deep burgundy, while there are hybrids that have black and/or bright orange blooms!

They are made to be planted during the spring and would grow fast, usually having blooms by summertime. These plants continue to bloom until the early fall. The flowering period would depend on the temperature, the light, and water it receives, as well as its variety.

Many gardeners would treat their calla lilies as annual plants, tossing them after the blooms have finished. However, in the proper hardiness zones (zones 8-10) they are perennials and the potted plants can be saved and cared for to bloom the next year!

In cooler areas, they are treated as annuals and have new bulbs planted come spring and while you can dig up the bulbs to overwinter indoors, you won’t have the same results in the next years.

The container plant can live all year long in the proper climates, though it would die back around 2 months a year. This would have your calla lily flower rest, coming back with more blooms come growing season. So if you’re thinking that your potted calla lily plant died and it’s time to toss it, DON’T!

Calla lilies can last all year round, though this will require proper care and maintenance, depending on your hardiness zone.

With all this in mind, take note that calla lily flowers would last for 7-10 days after cutting it from its stem.

What Happens After Blooming?

After the calla lily plant has bloomed and the fall season begins, the foliage dies back. The plant would look dead, but again, don’t toss it!

When saving the calla lilies to replant next year, fertilize the plants throughout the growing season and cut the flower stems off once the blooms begin fading. This will prevent the plant from setting seed, conserving energy for next year’s blooms. Keep fertilizing until the foliage yellows, then when the leaves die back, dig up the rhizomes and cut the foliage, leaving 1-2 inches of stem attached.

Put the rhizomes in a warm and dry area for a few days, then place them in a box with slightly damp peat moss. Store this box in a cool and dark area (50-60 degrees F) for 2 months. Check the rhizomes once or twice throughout the winter season, ensuring that they aren’t too moist or dry.

After the frost ends, bring it out to the light and begin watering it regularly (once every 2 weeks or so). You will then see the foliage regrowing after a few weeks, with the calla lily plant blooming right after!

But what happens when your potted calla lily begins declining and produces fewer flowers? This may come from crowded rhizomes. Every few years, you should divide the plant into 3-4 sections and store it during the winter. By spring, you’ll have even healthier plants that produce fantastic blooms.

Again, calla lilies are perennials and not annuals, so with proper effort, you’ll enjoy their blooms every year!

Wrapping It Up

Calla lilies are gorgeous and elegant plants that are great to display indoors, as long as they are cared for well. While they don’t bloom all year long, like most flowering plants, they do have a long lifespan and their blooms can last for weeks at a time. Just be sure to care for it accordingly to let it continue blooming for years to come!

Hopefully, this article on potted calla lilies gave you more insight into this interesting plant! If you plan on planting calla lilies, take this information to heart. Good luck!

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