My Greenworks Mower Won’t Start – Causes And Solutions

After a cold winter, spring comes to bring your lawn to life. Your lawn is starting to revive and needs to be neatly trimmed. However, you suddenly discover that “My Greenworks mower won’t start”.

You begin to ask questions related to the Greenworks lawn mower problem after a period of not being used. Does it run out of power or is it due to the neck of the plugs and switches?

To answer this question, let’s learn about the causes of Greenworks lawnmowers not working and how to fix these situations in the article below.

My Greenworks Mower Won’t Start – How To Fix It?

There are many causes of Greenworks lawn mowers not starting such as a dead battery, low battery, problem with power switch or wiring and socket problem. To fix this situation, you need to identify some of the common causes below.

my greenworks mower won't start

The Battery Is Dead

The first cause that you can think of when the Greenworks lawn mower won’t start is a dead battery. Usually, the grass will hibernate in the winter and remain dormant. Therefore, very few people mow the lawn in the winter, especially since this affects the revitalization of the lawn in the spring.

It is for this reason that lawn mowers in general and Greenworks lawn mowers, in particular, will not be used during the winter months. As a result, the battery may wear out and run out of power during this time.

The Greenworks lawn mower Lithium-Ion battery can maintain most of the power in the machine for long periods of storage. However, if you store your Greenworks lawn mower when it’s running low on battery, it won’t be able to sustain power for the winter months and start-up when you flip the switch.

Greenworks lawn mower batteries have a lifespan of up to 2000 charges and a 2-year warranty. If your lawn mower operates for three years or more, the battery may be low. Therefore, it may not be able to conserve energy even when fully charged during winter.

One reason why Greenworks lawn mower batteries are severely affected is excessive heat. Excessive heat kills the battery and can cause the battery to leak energy or explode.

If you find the Greenworks lawn mower is not working, you can try to put the battery in the charger to see if the light is green or not. Besides, you should charge about 50% of the battery before storing it over the winter to prolong its life.

You should not let the battery drain and store it for a long time. Because it will cause the battery to wear out quickly and not have good storage capacity. If the battery drains quickly and often cannot start the lawn mower, you should replace the battery with a new one to limit this inconvenience.

Power And Power Cord Problem

One of the other top common causes is problem sockets and wires. If your lawn mower uses a cord that plugs into the mains, be sure to check it for power.

After you have tested the battery and know that it still has power. Sometimes, the problem is very simple the power is off, so the lawn mower cannot start. You need to test the outlet with another electrical device to see if it works.

Next, if the power supply does not have any problems, you need to check the wiring. The cord of the lawn mower can be damaged by insect damage or worn during use, resulting in inactivity.

Make sure the conductors have no gaps, the connections are not broken, and are in good working order. You can use a power source with another device to find out the exact cause.

To limit the situation of wires being worn or damaged by insects for many months, you should wrap the wires carefully with specialized bags and avoid areas with rodents such as mice, cockroaches, termites …

Start Switch Broken Or Faulty

Some technical errors can often occur in the switch of the lawn mower. If you use the lawn mower regularly, pressing the switch button will happen continuously. In particular, during mowing, you also need to turn this switch on and off to clear the grass deck. Because it can’t hold too much grass and debris.

If you’ve checked the top causes like the battery, power supply, and wiring are working fine, the big reason is the switch. With this situation, you need to contact the repair center of Greenworks lawn mower for inspection and advice.

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The Last Word

A Greenworks lawn mower that won’t start can be related to some fundamental issues such as a dead battery, damaged power supply, wiring, or control switch.

Greenworks lawn mower batteries can become depleted after months of inactivity. Especially, for batteries with a lifespan of more than 3 years and operating at high capacity, wear and tear are inevitable.

In addition, you should also check the power supply and wires with another electronic device to make sure there is power and that the wires are not having wear or tear problems.

Finally, the problem may lie in the toggle switch due to frequency of use or technical failure. Therefore, you need to contact the repair center for advice and a warranty.

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