Should A Lawn Mower Fuel Filter Be Full?

One day, you are mowing the lawn and suddenly the engine stops and cannot be started again. Did you suddenly realize that this has something to do with the problem of running out of fuel in the filter? Should a lawn mower fuel filter be full?

As you know, the fuel filter is one of the important parts of the lawn mower and its job is to protect the injection pump system and other engines from harmful agents such as dirt, water, and fuel residues.

So should you refill the filter with fuel? Why do this? When should you clean or replace the fuel filter? All in this article.

Should A Lawn Mower Fuel Filter Be Full? YES or NO

The answer is YES! The fuel filter of the lawn mower should be full.

Lack of fuel in the filter will seriously affect the operation of the lawn mower and the life of the filter. A low-fuel filter often signals problems and directly affects the function of the lawn mower.

As you know, when not enough fuel runs through this unit, your lawn mower will start to stop working. If your lawn mower suddenly stops and can’t be restarted, it could be due to a lack of fuel in the combustion chamber.

should a lawn mower fuel filter be full

When the exhaust is emitting thick black smoke and the lawn mower is making loud noises, that’s another sign that you should have the filter checked. The filter is half full which means it is clogged and it seriously threatens the operation of the engine.

In particular, the lack of fuel in the filter will make it easier for impurities and dirt to get inside. This condition can make it difficult to start the machine or frequent sudden stops. What’s more, the performance loss due to clogged air filters will lead to engine ignition problems.

Therefore, you should fill the filter with fuel to avoid clogging, dirt, or lack of air circulation.

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How To Clean The Fuel Filter For The Lawn Mower?

Fuel filters with a lot of dirt entering the engine will have serious consequences. In particular, the main engine of the lawn mower can be damaged and the repair will be expensive.

So, whenever a lawn mower has poor performance or is frequently stopped, you should check the filter and clean it before it causes serious consequences.

Before cleaning the fuel filter of your lawn mower, you need to find out what its material is. Some of the common materials in that manufacturers make fuel filters are wire, nylon, and metal.

Below are a few steps you can take to clean the metal fuel filter.

Step 1: Lower The Pressure Of The Fuel System

You need to locate the fuel pump fuse and remove it, then let the engine run for at least two minutes. You should perform the depressurization of the fuel system outdoors.

Step 2: Remove The Spark Plug

Be sure to disconnect the battery terminals. You need to do this to avoid a fire caused by the ignition of gas fumes in the fuel system. At the same time, you can check the spark plug, clean it and replace it if it is damaged or worn.

Step 3: Disconnect The Fuel Line

There is a fuel line between the fuel filter and the combustion chamber, so remove it. When performing this operation, you need to have protective equipment of gloves and glasses to avoid accidents caused by fuel.

Step 4: Remove The Fuel Filter

Before removing the fuel filter, you need to mark its location for easy re-installation later. This is a simple but effective way to do it because many people forget where it is after cleaning.

Step 5: Remove Dirt, Residue, And Fuel Debris From The Filter

You only need to gently touch the 2 ends of the fuel filter, and the residue and debris of gasoline will flow out. Make sure you have drained all the excess fuel in the filter.

Step 6: Use A Specialized Cleaner For The Filter

Spray the cleaner on the inside and outside of the filter, then continue to flush the entire solution out. Next, you should leave the filter outdoors for at least an hour to dry.

Should The Filter Be Replaced?

If your metal filter cleaning is still not working properly or is regularly covered with dirt and gasoline residue, you should replace it with paper or nylon material.

Paper or nylon filter media will make it easy to replace at a low cost when clogged. You just need to remove it and put a new filter in place to complete the task. Low cost is also a factor that many people prefer to replace the filter with paper or nylon.

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How Often Should I Clean The Fuel Filter?

One of the issues that many people are concerned about is how often to clean the fuel filter. How often should you check the filter to avoid clogging? In fact, for each type of lawn mower, the manufacturer will cover this issue in the manual.

For manufacturer John Deere, you can change your lawn mower’s fuel filter after 50 hours of use or every ten thousand or twenty thousand miles for other lawn mowers.

In particular, based on the frequency of use and the time of use of the lawn mower, you can check and clean it. Some of the basic signs are not smooth operation, difficult starting, or sudden stop while mowing.

The Final Ending

The fuel filter should be refilled regularly to prevent dirt, debris, and fuel particles from getting inside. If there is a lack of fuel, the filter will not be able to work smoothly and affect the entire operation of the engine. In particular, lack of fuel in the filter is the leading cause of frequent engine stalls.

You need to regularly check the fuel filter to keep it clean to avoid damage to the filter due to fuel blockage. Filters with paper or nylon material are easier to replace and clean than metal ones.

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